10tons announce Time Recoil for Xbox

10tons announce Time Recoil for Xbox

Time Recoil

10tons Ltd have been making games for a few years now. They have slowly but surely developed a definite style and have seemingly improved with every release. The developer behind Neon Chrome, Sparkle 2, Baseball Riot and King Oddball have revealed a new title, to be released through the ID@Xbox program, Time Recoil.

Time Recoil is a top-down twin stick shooter featuring slow motion gameplay. You are a member of the Recoilers. Your mission is to locate and kill Mr. Time, who controls a time-based weapon of mass-destruction and you will need to stop him in the past, or the future is over. To do this, you must use the wormhole at the rebel base to travel into the recent past. Along the way you’ll have various missions to complete, ranging from assassinations to rescuing scientists. Always expect the unexpected.

To aid you in your missions, you have a very special super power. You can slow down time by killing. Any subsequent kills will give you more time slowdown and will allow you to conduct unbelievable slow motion feats. Dash through walls to make them crumble, chalk up more kills in slowdown to grant special moves, with the more you gain, the more devastating the move. You can even combine slowdown and special moves to form a devastating chain.

Time Recoil is a story of rebellion and revenge. You are the last hope of a rebel organisation who wants to free the world from the grip of an evil mad scientist dictator. Charge your special move, start off with a simple dash and build it into a devastating psy-weapon to defeat Mr. Time.

If friendly competition is your thing, try the Speedrun mode and beat your friends into submission.

Time Recoil is scheduled to release on Xbox One in the summer of 2017.