Quarrel Review

Okay it’s confession time.

Not only have I never played a smartphone version of Quarrel I was also blissfully unaware it even existed.

I know, that’s a poor show on my behalf, and having now had the opportunity to sample the delights this game has to offer I can blame no-one but myself that up until this console release a genuinely superb little title was completely off my radar. Continue reading Quarrel Review

Creepy Home-Made Kinect Russian Roulette

There have been many weird and wonderful Kinect hacks on the Windows PC from using the sensor as an aid with hospitals, schools, even recently as a controller on PC games such as Call of Duty 4 and World of Warcraft. Now, you can give Russian Roulette a shot – the game which see’s you blow your head off! – does that sound fun to you? Continue reading Creepy Home-Made Kinect Russian Roulette