Infinity Blade Saga Heading to Xbox One


Tencent Games and Epic’s, iOS Infinity Blade titles are heading to the Xbox One console as Infinity Blade Saga. Development is underway from Tencent who are mulling over releasing it as a Free-to-Play title sometime before February 2015, and although it could also be released on the PS4, the Xbox One is their main priority!

If you have never heard of the Infinity Blade titles, the first was the fastest-grossing app in the history of iOS upon its release late 2010 and sales grossed US$23 million by the end of 2011. The game uses an “on-rails” play style that leads the player down a linear path with one on one sword combat against a variety of Gods and Monsters. All three titles have scored rather favourably with many gaming sites (that review mobile games) scoring them 9’s and in some instances a full 10/10.

Check out the iOS trailer for Infinity Blade 3 below to get a feel for the game before the Infinity Blade Saga is relased on the Xbox Marketplace next year.

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Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions review

The hyper neon, fast-paced twin stick shooter is back for a third time and it’s locked and loaded for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It’s hard to think that Geometry Wars was originally only a mini game for Project Gotham Racing 2, quickly becoming a cult classic that eventually got it’s own game.

At its heart, Geometry Wars is a modern take on the arcade classic Asteroids, instead of shooting down floating pieces of rock you have to destroy a variety of enemies that are targeting your small geometric ship – throw in some funky beats, flashy neon lights and some power-ups and you end up with an addictive game that demands that you play “just one more game”.


Geometry Wars has come a long way since its PGR days, you’re no longer refined to a two-dimensional plane. As the name suggests, the arenas are three-dimensional and there’s now an Adventure mode complete with boss battles to challenge your reflexes. To progress through each of the 50 levels you will need to collect stars, three may be earnt from each level but they aren’t easy to come by – GW3 is one tough cookie to crack!

As the levels tilt and twist in their three-dimensional space, they will twist your depth perception and when you throw in numerous enemies, you’ll have quite the challenge on your hands. The trick to being successful is to learn how each enemy attacks – do they float aimlessly about or do they beeline straight for your ship? Knowing this will give you an idea on which enemy you should eradicate first, although nothing can prepare you for coming face to face with a bunch of enemies as you navigate around an object. It’s these situations that demand fast reflexes, something the series is renowned for.

The visuals may only be simple geometric shapes wrapped in bright neon lights, but the three-dimensional neon displays created by enemies and your gunfire skirting across each of the arena shapes is particularly enjoyable to watch, just don’t become too distracted!


Another addition to the series is the inclusion of drones. These can be unlocked by defeating each of the bosses in the Adventure mode. Once unlocked, you can select a drone to fight by your side and also add a super weapon to it, which can be unlocked by collecting stars. These ‘buffs’ can then be upgraded to be more effective in combat. It’s this combination of drone and super weapon that will allow you to better your score in previous levels, nab all three stars and trump your friends on the online leaderboard.

Outside of the adventure mode there’s classic mode, which takes place in the classic Geometry Wars place space. There’s a variety of modes to play, from king of the hill to pacifist. There is also a co-op Adventure but it’s only available in local play, there is competitive multiplayer but I never found anyone to play with.

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions brings a new twist to the series while retaining that same addictive gameplay from the original game. Although the studio isn’t around anymore, I’m sure the guys and gals at Bizarre Creations would have been proud of what Lucid Games has done with the game.

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Pure Pool Review


I’ve been crying out for snooker/pool game for a while on the Xbox, so imagine my disappointment when I saw that Pure Pool was heading Sony’s way… But then like a Ronnie Sullivan 147 the announcement came that Pure Pool was going to be on the Xbox One too! Would the game sending me pocketing balls left, right and centre? Or would it have me stuck behind countless smokers? Let’s find out.

First things first, Pure Pool is smooth the music instantly transports you to what feels like the coolest Lounge Bar in the world and has you chilling out straight away. It also gets you straight into the action, allowing you shoot off some practice shots in the main menu, to be honest things are so relaxed you could spend a good few hours just playing.

Thankfully I managed to pull myself away to explore the rest of the game, the UI is nothing special and I was disappointed to see so much of the game locked down until you earn enough stars. In career mode the only mode you can take part in is the the amateur 8-ball mode, which is made up of 5 times which consists of a range of matches. My favourite match type is called Killer, each player gets three lives and take it in turn to pot, if they miss, they lose a life who loses their lives first loses. If you pot two balls at once you earn a life, same for potting the black. It gets tactical quite quickly and I found it really enjoyable. Other modes include, Accuumilator, where you need to score as many points as possible or Speed Pot, where you have to pot a certain amount of balls within a required time frame.


The AI opponents are a mixed bag, they all have different ranks and therefore some are better than others, at times when you go up against certain opponents and despite you being in an amateur tournament you find yourself being 8-balled before you even realise it! At the same time though you do see them make silly mistakes being made and its then when you need to capitalise. Thankfully losing isn’t the end as you can still earn stars depending on if you met a certain criteria such potting only in corners. There are also a ton of accolades to earn, such as snookering your opponents a number of times or winning a certain amount of matches. You always feel like you are making progress in the game which is nice.

If you decide not to play the career mode you can take on some online opponents, you are able to see a list of people currently playing and invite them to a game type of your choosing. Each player has a DNA that shows all sorts of statistics about their play, you then have the option to download that players DNA and play them offline whenever you choose, a bit like a drivatar in Forza. You can create leagues to take part in against a group of players you invite or just play one off matches if you prefer.

The main things that Pure Pool prides itself on are physics and presentation and do you know what? Both are sublime in this game. Everytime you weigh up a shot, apply your spin you know that the balls on the table will react in exactly the same way that they would in a real table. Add that to the incredible lighting on the balls, the noise they make as the White ball crashes into the black ball to win you the match. Even the tables different cloths are just begging to be touched, that’s how good they look. The whole game appears to be set I a swanky bar and you can see and hear people socialising in the background while the funky tunes play, it creates a brilliant atmosphere.


With the game out a few months after the Playstation version I was hoping that the Xbox One title would have already had the updates that have been implemented, such as UK based matches but unfortunately you’ll be out of luck with this, hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll see this implemented. As much as this is a chilled out a game I found myself getting frustrated at having to watch the AI play their shots, it would be nice to be able to skip their shots but at present that isn’t something you can do, thankfully matches don’t take too long but I’m just impatient.

You can edit your profile so that you can have a certain table skin, cue and even preferred game type. Here you can also go through the accolades that you may have earned while playing.

VooFoo have done a brilliant job with Pure Pool, it helps that their isn’t much competition for pool games currently, but frankly if anyone tries to produce a similar game they will have a huge task on their hands to better this game.

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Xbox Black Friday Deals Now Out; Titanfall, FIFA & More Discounted


It’s that time of year again folks, Black Friday is finally here and it’s filled with great discounts on some of the years most popular games.

The best part? You won’t even have to leave your house as these deals are available directly through the Xbox One marketplace and they’re some of the best we’ve seen yet; blockbuster titles like FIFA 15, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and The Walking Dead: Season 2 are available for up to 75% off but only until Monday, so you better hurry!

  • NHL 15 – 45%
  • Madden 15 – 45%
  • FIFA 15 Holiday Edition – 45%
  • Watchdogs – 33%
  • Titanfall – 75%
  • Titanfall (Bundle) – 75%
  • Titanfall Season Pass (Add-on) – 75%
  • Battlefield 4 – 50%
  • Battlefield 4 Premium (Add-on) – 50%
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – 50%
  • Ryse: Legendary Edition – 50%
  • The Evil Within – 50%
  • The Walking Dead Season 1 – 40%
  • The Walking Dead Season 2 – 40%
  • The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2 (Bundle) – 50%
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition – 10%
  • Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor – 50%
  • Destiny Digital Guardian Edition – 10%

The Xbox 360 also has its own discounts which can be found over on Major Nelson’s blog. 

Let us know in the comments or on social media what you’ve already picked up on Black Friday!

Defense Grid 2 review

When it comes to tower defense games you should certainly know the drill by now, defend a position against waves of enemies that increase in difficulty. There’s nothing glitzy or clever about Defense Grid 2, it’s pure tower defense fun with a rough story laced over the top of the campaign in an attempt to give the game some grounding – it doesn’t work and I barely took any notice of the rather annoying one-liner companions that you get paired with.

There are five chapters to get through totalling twenty missions plus a prologue. DG2 also comes with multiplayer for when you’ve had your fill of the campaign, but if you only have eyes for the single player campaign, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole host of content available in each campaign – you can opt for a straight up story mode or take on a more challenging wave of enemies by playing with buffs or limiters to your arsenal, each level may then be taken on at easy, normal, hard or elite mode.


When placing towers, the trick is to manage your resources carefully, which tower do you place or do you upgrade your existing towers – whichever you decide your main goal is to stop the aliens from stealing your power cores and to maximise your chances of destroying them you can place towers along their route to make the path to their goal longer, you can even direct enemies right the way around your tower groups making them spend as much time as possible in your tower’s area of attack.

Once you get through several levels, modifiers are available to your towers and can be applied before you start a level. This affects their behaviour towards enemies and can prove vital to your existence if your strongest cannon tower is focusing its firepower on the toughest enemy on the playing field.

You’d be forgiven in thinking this all sounds simple, while the concept is rather old hat with many games adopting wave based mechanics, DG2 puts up a challenge right off the bat. Placing towers haphazardly won’t help you in protecting your power cores and while there’s a fine line between a challenge and frustration at not being able to pass a level, DG2 balances this perfectly and will certainly offer gamers a great place to be challenged.

Looks wise DG2 is your standard arcade fare, you won’t be singing any praises about high class visuals! The cheesy one-liners are rather annoying and far from amusing, you might also want to turn down the SFX. In the heat of battle the blaze of gunfire is rather unpleasant on your ears and the soft Sci-fi sounds of the music score is far more pleasant than the chug chug of gunfire.


Multiplayer offers up two modes, a straight up co-op battle or a versus fight which is like a tug of war. As one player defeats enemies, they are buffed up and teleported to the other player until one of you is overrun. It makes for some fun gaming often resulting in one or two hairy moments but neither mode is strong enough alone to sell this game.

If you’re into tower defense games and want a game that offers up a whole set of buffs and options that will challenge your tactical mind, then you needn’t look further than DG2 – fans of the series will be right at home while those wanting some new-gen magic may feel rather short changed.

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Grab an Xbox One and four games for under £300

The UK has certainly jumped on board America’s Black Friday sales, we’ve seen online retailers partake in this for the past few years but now our high streets are looking to get in on the action with GAME leading the way with a superb Xbox One bundle deal. 300 stores will be opening at midnight so if you definitely want a bargain then you might be in for a long evening!

The bundle, retailing at £299.99, comes with the console (minus Kinect) £5 in Xbox credit, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Forza Motorsport 5.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on GAME’s website, they will be unveiling new deals every hour from 6pm!

Where does the Xbox Player go to play bingo?

xbox one xbox 360

If you prefer to do your gaming on a console such as Xbox, it’s great if you can get all the games you want on the one device. But there are some games where it’s better to go elsewhere, and that’s especially true for real money games such as bingo and casino games.

Before there were real money gambling sites, it was possible to play gambling games such as bingo and casino classics like roulette, blackjack and slots on a console. But the major downside to all the different versions of these games was that you couldn’t play with real cash. And while a positive from that is that you’re not spending money to play, any win that you had would always feel pretty meaningless. After all, what’s the point of playing a game that is designed to be about real money when you can’t place real bets.

The Xbox bingo option is Bingo Party, where there are four different types of bingo game that you can play. One plus point to playing these kinds of games on an Xbox is that you can make it a multi-player experience – inviting just the people you want to play with. Bingo Party can have up to 31 players at once, so you can certainly make it a party atmosphere if you want to. And the games can be fun as there are lots of unlockable items and over 50 different winning patterns.

However, you can invite friends to play with you at online bingo sites too. Click to play online here and you’ll see that there are different rooms that you can play in, and each of those has a chat room linked to it. So if you want your friends to join you in a game of bingo, get them to join the same site as you and then message them to let them know which games you’re planning to play. You can meet up in the chat rooms and watch the progress of the game together. It may not be quite the same as playing with a group of people on Xbox, as you can’t make it an exclusive gathering.

But when you play online, that’s one of the benefits – you get to meet new people in the bingo chat rooms. To play online bingo doesn’t require any effort by the player as the matching numbers on your cards to the number calls are marked off by the software, so that leaves you free to chat or join in the side games that are organised by the chat moderator. It’s not always cash prizes that you’re playing for – sometimes you can win electrical items or other goods. While you’re chatting, there’s nothing to lose in joining some of the side games – they’re free and you may end up winning more there than in the actual bingo game you logged in to play.

As well as having the advantage of being able to play for real money on any of the bingo sites such as 32red, Tidy Bingo or 888 bingo, there’s also free money up for grabs when you join any of the main sites. At 32red, for example, there’s a £32 bonus for every £10 you put into your account as a first deposit. When bingo games only cost a penny or two to play that bonus money will buy you a lot of value entertainment. In addition, you can also play games for free on most of the bingo sites. The games schedules mix both free and paid-for games and the free ones have small cash prizes attached to them. If you’re logged in and about to play, you may as well get tickets for the free games too.

As there’s such a plethora of great bingo sites now available, all offering a wide range of games and some amazing cash jackpots to play for, why anyone would continue with games like Bingo Party on the Xbox is difficult to comprehend. Play online bingo with the experts and save the Xbox for all those great action games like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Titanfall.

The December Games with Gold is…

Xbox have lifted the lid on December’s Games with Gold. Xbox One owners will get a retail game in the shape of Worms battlegrounds – the sequel to the popular death dealing turn based game in which players attempt to blow up each other’s team of Worm commandos.

Xbox 360 get to take to the icy slopes of SSX, a return to the former glory of the franchise that had slipped somewhat since the days of tricky but first 360 owners will need to put on their thinking games to solve the mystery of The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief.

Again the program delivers a mixed bag of games but for a change I don’t own the games on offer so I’m pretty happy, after all, I pay for Gold to play online – any extra games is a bonus!

The Crew leaves the starting grid from Monday


The Crew doesn’t officially launch until Dec 2 but Ubisoft will be switching on the servers to their brand new MMO racing game from Monday morning GMT. After taking to the European roads of Forza Horizon 2 with my friends, I’ve high hopes for The Crew to deliver the ultimate social driving experience.

Ubisoft have held review copies until the game world is fully populated – a bold move, although a sensible one, I hope it doesn’t damage any sales for this exciting new racer!

Boom Ball Kinect releases under ID@Xbox initiative

After unveiling that Kinect was integral to the Xbox One, there’s been a severe lack of Kinect enabled games for Microsoft’s new console. That hasn’t stopped Kung-Fu High Impact developer Virtual Air Guitar from producing a brand new Kinect game on Microsoft’s ID@Xbox initiative.

Mixing Tennis with Breakout, Boom Ball Kinect releases Nov 28 for NA while the rest of the world will have to wait until Dec 5.

Check out the trailer below.