Pang Adventures bounces to Xbox One

Pang is bouncing back to our screens with Pang Adventures. DotEmu and Pastagames are at the helm, and has the full support of the original Pang developers, Mitchell Corporation.

The addictive arcade shooter saw two brothers travelling the world to rid it of bouncing balls that were terrorising famous landmarks. Pang Adventures is aiming its sights at retaining the spirit of the original, known as Buster Bros. in North America and Pomping World in Japan, while bringing some exciting new features!

Whose bouncing up and down for this!


Be the voice of Vermintide’s next trailer


Fancy yourself as a bit of a narrator? Then you may want to check out Fatshark’s call for a voice of Vermintide’s next trailer – plus, all entries will nab themselves “a free game”… so what are you waiting for? Get recording!

First of all, we’re looking forward to hearing the entries. Who haven’t announced something in a movie or game trailer manner? We thought it would be a fun way to include gamers, and also to make something different. To my knowledge this has never been done before. It’s going to be a blast!

Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark

All you need to do is head over to their website, read the rules, record your entry, upload it, and submit.

The script you must record and upload to YouTube is as follows:

  • Fatshark presents Warhammer Vermintide.
  • Five Heroes come together to face the Skaven – Bringing Melee and Ranged Combat out of the Middle Ages into the Next Generation.
  • 4 Player Co-Op – Each character with individual abilities, play-style, and weapons.
  • Team up with three other gamers to take on the meanest enemies you’ve seen.
  • Insane fast paced Action not for the weak of heart.
  • For more information visit and follow us on Facebook via @Vermintide.
  • Warhammer Vermintide – Coming to Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

And the prizes are:

  • The chosen voice will visit Fatshark in Stockholm to record the trailer in the studio and includes accommodation, dinner with the Game Designer of Warhammer Vermintide and 10 Steam copies of the game. Last day for entry: September 4.
  • 2nd -10th grab a copy of Warhammer Vermintide on Steam
  • All entries will get a copy of Hamilton’s Great Adventure on Steam

Magic Duels: Origins is freely dealt onto Xbox One

Magic Duels: Origins has launched onto Xbox One today for the princely sum of… nothing!

The 1.21 GB download includes five story campaigns and a Battle Mode that includes thousands of AI opponents for you to battle, or you can simply take on your friends – everything is earnable in-game too, so this isn’t just one of those freemium games that rewards all the good stuff to those that drop money on it.


Constructor HD coming next year

Cast your minds back 18 years and you might recall a city building management game created by System 3 called Constructor. It was a popular title, especially on PC, with a wonderfully unique personality that set it apart from the likes of Sim City.

Well next year, the long rumoured Constructor HD will see a release, and it’ll be hitting Xbox One.

Back in the day, the PlayStation release saw a lot of compromises to get the title to work on the platform. The PC version’s online features weren’t present, the visuals were knocked down slightly, loading was lengthy, and the save file filled an entire memory card. These are issues we won’t be seeing with Constructor HD, hopefully.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut headed to gamescom and Xbox One

Wasteland 2 is making the jump from PC to Xbox and it will be playable at this year’s gamescom.

The Director’s Cut is pencilled in for an October 13 release for NA and October 16 for the rest of the world. The Xbox One version will include brand new gameplay and features, a lick of graphical paint and additional voice-overs. Check out the confirmed highlights of the definitive edition of Wasteland 2 below:

  • The Director’s Cut: Overhauled graphics with fully redone character and level art, voice-over expanded with tens of thousands of lines, and new features make this the definitive version of Wasteland 2.
  • Turn-Based Tactical Combat: Tackle explosive and deadly squad-based combat encounters against the wasteland’s raiders, mutants, robots and more that will test the limits of your planning and tactics.
  • Your Squad Your Way: Don’t feel like finding the key for a door? Pick the lock, bash it down with your boot, or just blow it open with a rocket launcher!
  • A Huge Reactive Story: With hundreds of choices and consequences at your disposal, with both short and long term reactivity to the players choices and 80-100 hours of gameplay, no two players will have the same experience.
  • Huge & Customizable: Dozens of hours of game. Hundreds of characters. Thousands of variations on your Rangers’ appearance. Over 150 weapons. Dozens of skills!
  • Enhanced Classic RPG Game Play: Classic RPG gameplay ideas updated with modern design philosophies.

Blast mode revealed for Star Wars Battlefront

Blast mode SWB

Blast has been revealed as Star Wars Battlefront’s multiplayer deathmatch mode.

Rebel forces must kill off the Imperial team in 10v10 battles – the battle is over when one team hits 100 kills or after 10 minutes of gameplay has passed, and the team with the most kills wins.


One battle you’ll be fighting within interior levels on Endor or Sullust. In the next battle, you might find yourselves among Tatooine’s dusty canyons, or inside the undeniably cool Ice Caves on Hoth. My favorite is the verticality of Tatooine, fighting by the Sandcrawler.

Dennis Brännvall, Lead Level Designer.

There are several weapon pickups strewn across each map in Blast – I wonder if there will be a hidden lightsabre! The close-quarters nature of each level has been designed specifically for Blast – they aren’t just smaller sectioned off versions of the larger maps that are part of one of Battlefront’s other game modes.

Star Wars Battlefront releases November 17 – with members of EA Access getting early access prior to launch.

Just Dance 2016 demo now available

It’s time to get your glad rags on because there is a Just Dance 2016 demo available on Xbox Live.

This year you don’t need Kinect to play the game, instead you can use a smartphone and the Just Dance 2016 app.

By holding the phone in your right hand, the gyroscopic sensor will work out how many moves you have. The full game will support up to six players across six smartphones.

The demo features Calvin Harris and John Newman’s song, Blame. You can download the demo using the link below, let us know what you think!

Ubisoft announce Zombi for Xbox One

Ubisoft have just announced the development of Zombi, an upgrade of the highly acclaimed survival-horror game.


Originally a Wii U flagship title in 2012, Zombi challenges players to see how long they can survive in a zombie-ridden London.

For the second time in history, the city has been shrouded in a fog of death, as the great plague returns. Leaving thousands dead, or infected by an illness more gruesome than death, this fear-fuelled first person shooter tasks the player to survive in such horrific and chaotic scenarios, armed with only the bug-out bag on their back, containing important items such as first aid kits, tools, maps, and more.

But they must be careful, as when their character dies, they die for good, and they are then in charge of a brand new survivor, and must go hunt for their old, infected character. If they are successful, they then have the opportunity to recover their old bug-out bag, but do they risk the chance of being infected again?


Xbox One zombie hunters will be able to experience the oppressive and intense Zombi, when it releases as a digital download on August 18.

Zombi is also releasing on Playstation 4 and PC on the same day.

Plants vs. Zombies Pinball brings the battle to the Xbox One

Zen Studios and PopCap games have announced that their Pinball FX2 and Plants vs. Zombies collaboration is now available for the Xbox One.

This Xbox 360 fan favourite brings the eternal struggle between the undead masses, and the floral forces to the Xbox One, bringing the zombie invasion to the pinball table.

It is now available to download for the Xbox One for £2.49/$2.99/€2,99.

If you have previously downloaded the table on the Xbox 360, you will be able to download it for the Xbox One, for free.

Tropico 5 confirmed for Xbox One

Fans of the highly acclaimed dictator sim, and its bearded despot, can celebrate as Topico 5 is due to launch on the Xbox One in spring 2016

Launching with the full version of the game, as well as the Bayo del Ofato, Big Cheese, Mad World, Generalissimo, and Joint Adventure add ons, and the first expansion, Waterborne.

Xbox One dictators will also receive five new exclusive Xbox One sandbox maps, as well as a new controller-optimised interface, and, naturally, Xbox Live achievements.

For more information, and to keep updated with the development of Tropico 5 on Xbox One, visit their website.