New Assassin’s Creed Syndicate trailer showcases living breathing London

Ubisoft have released a new trailer for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, featuring a dark and dangerous Victorian London.

The world of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offers a bustling world, full of the sights and sounds of Victorian London, streets full of traders, street children, people enjoying a drink or two in the pubs, and much more.

Stalking the dark and dangerous streets of Whitechapel, to the dynamic night life of The Strand, and featuring iconic landmarks such as Westminster, and the smog-filled skies of Lambeth, players can experience Victorian London like never before.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is due to be released on October 23 on Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on November 19 on PC.

Taken King Oryx draws nearer

destiny the taken king

A new gameplay trailer has dropped in the destiny world, see guardians confront The Taken lead by Oryx in this epic battle to the sounds of Led Zeppelin “Black Dog”. Join in for the final Bungie livestream tomorrow Wednesday 2nd September 18:00 BST, where you will see some loot searching and adventure deep within the Dreadnaught as well as new player instigated public events with Deej, Ben Wommack, community guest Laced Up Lauren and special closing guest Luke Smith.

Resident Evil Origins Collection coming soon

Resident Evil Origins Collection 1
Capcom have announced that the Resident Evil Origins Collection will be due out 19 January in the U.S and 22 January 2016 in Europe, the two resident evil games will be available as a pack digitally and physically, if you already own the Resident Evil HD remake then the digital version of Resident Evil Zero will be available to be purchase separately for €19.99 / £14.99 / $19.99 presumably around the same time as the collection next year.

In the new mode for Resident Evil Zero “Wesker Mode” you play as Albert Wesker and you will be accompanied by Rebecca, powered by Uroboros wreaking havoc as the greatest villain Resident Evil has to offer.

A pre-order incentive is also available on the Resident Evil website that pre-orders will receive free alternate costumes for Rebecca and Billy (pictured below)

Resident Evil Origins Collection pre-order


Crowdfunding campaign launched for tactical RPG The Dwarves

Following its début at Gamescom in August, KING Art Games looks to the gaming community to get The Dwarves completed.

KING Art Games’ Creative Director Jan Theysen:

Both of our previous crowdfunding campaigns have been a great experience for us. We could make the games the way we’ve envisioned them, and are sure that the final games were improved due to the early community feedback. So for us it’s a no-brainer to go to Kickstarter once more. If you want more beer, beards and battles in your life, The Dwarves is the game for you.

Based on the Markus Heitz bestselling fantasy novel, of the same name, players will follow the story of Tungdil Goldhand, a young dwarf raised among humans, who embarks on an epic journey to find his true origin.

Throughout his journey, Tungdil will encounter up to 12 companions, all with their own individual skills and backstory, who can join him on his quest. Such as furious dwarf twins, Boindil and Boendal, who have fought in hundreds of battles. Or the more unusual Rodario, a human actor, who is a weak fighter, but can masquerade himself to catch his opponents by surprise.

The Dwarves features an unprecedented physics-based real-time combat system, and will pit heroes against huge hordes of enemies across 200 locations. Facing enemy troops, completing varied quests, and speaking to numerous NPCs, players will get to experience the world and its rich history.

The Dwarves is currently in development for Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4. If you wish to back The Dwarves, you can visit the Kickstarter page, here.

Latest gameplay video for Blood Bowl 2

The latest gameplay video from Cyanide Studio’s upcoming Blood Bowl 2 features two diametrically opposed teams face-off against each in Games Workshop’s violent American football adaptation.

Featuring the slow, but compact and well-armoured Dwarfs, against the less than tough, but agile and fast Skaven, players can see just what to expect with Blood Bowl 2.

Blood Bowl 2 brings together the classic Warhammer turn-based gameplay, and the competitive nature of American football, resulting in an explosive mix of strategy, humour, and brutality.

With a brand new graphics engine, and bringing the fury of Blood Bowl to life, players can lead the Reikland Reavers in an original solo story campaign, and enjoy a host of multiplayer modes.

Blood Bowl 2 is due to release on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 on September 22, and those who choose to preorder will also receive one of two additional races (Wood Elves, or Lizardmen).

The post-apocalyptic wasteland awaits Mad Max

Rather than rest on the typical movie-tie, Mad Max the video game is an original story created by Avalanche Studios. This doesn’t mean there are no ties with the recent film – vehicles play a huge part to the game – and that means there’s plenty of vehicle combat and heaps of customisation options.


Max, playing the hard done-by character once again, loses his iconic Interceptor (again) when it is stolen from him – together with a War Boy who latches on to Max, they build the ultimate vehicle using scrap and car parts that they ‘take’ from others who might dare cross their path.



Warhammer End Times : Vermintide playable at EGX

warhammervermintideEGX, the UK’s largest games event, Swedish independent developer Fatshark, and world renowned publisher Games Workshop are delighted to announce that Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide will have its first UK playable demo at EGX this 24th – 27th September.

Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide is a first person 4 player cooperative action combat adventure set during the End Times of the iconic Warhammer Fantasy world. This stunning game takes place in and around the city of Ubersreik, where the relentless rat-men known as the Skaven have invaded the city, burning everything in sight. The Skaven are cunning, cowardly, ruthless, and have overwhelming numbers.

EGX visitors will have their first hands-on experience of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide in the UK. It will also be the exclusive first European playable PC demo of the game. All five heroes, as well as a range of weapons for each, will be available to try out in one of the game’s main missions.

Developers from Fatshark, including Associate Producer Robert Bäckström and Lead Level Designer Daniel Platt will be on-hand to help demo the game and answer any questions. Visitors to the booth will have the chance to pick up some swag, including 6 uniqueWarhammer: End Times – Vermintidepins and rub-on tattoos of a dreaded Skaven symbol.

Fatshark’s gameplay trailer will give visitors a clear idea of what to expect from the EGX demo. For more information about Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide please visit .

NUK3TOWN gets futuristic with Black Ops 3

Nuketown is a fan favourite… or is that a favourite of the Call of Duty developers – they sure do like to rerelease this map as a pre-order bonus!


This time however Nuketown has been renamed (in caps and a number) to NUK3TOWN. Instead of just dusting off the original with slight tweaks, the new pre-order bonus map has received a futuristic graphic skin and tweaks to its design so that it makes full use of Black Ops 3’s new momentum-based, chained-movement system.

Surely you guys are getting a little tired of Nuketown now?