Battlefield 1 becomes most ‘liked’ YouTube trailer

Battlefield and Call of Duty have fought over the accolade ‘King of shooters’ since they first went head-to-head over the genre’s online multiplayer audience. If their new trailers are anything to go by, Battlefield has the early lead.

Set during World War 1, Battlefield 1’s trailer has become the most liked trailer in YouTube history and within the overall top 250 of most liked YouTube videos. Published on May 6th, the trailer has had 23,100,227 views and 1,236,685 likes at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has taken 16,217,554 views and 1,602,006 dislikes.

Check out the trailers below, Battlefield 1 is particularly well cut and would give most live action trailers a run for their money!

Turtle Beach introduce Elite Pro headset

Turtle Beach have announced that they are to release an Elite Pro headset.

The headset is a culmination of years of Research & Development and comes with some excellent features. The Elite Pro headset is set to deliver the best-in-class game audio and chat performance, but as well as groundbreaking comfort-driven technologies, including the ComforTec™ Fit System with multiple adjustment points for a truly personalized headset fit and feel, Aerofit™ Ear Cushions that stay cool in the heat of battle, and Turtle Beach’s all-new patented ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System that finally makes wearing a gaming headset comfortable for players who wear glasses.

Additionally, the Elite Pro T.A.C. is the most powerful audio controller ever designed for eSports, combining cutting-edge audio technology like DTS™ Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound and Superhuman Hearing™ with incredibly powerful chat and microphone tuning tools.

This also signals the beginning of Turtle Beach’s relationship with eSports. , OpTic Gaming – one of the most prolific eSports organisations in the world have selected Turtle Beach and the all-new Elite Pro line as their official gaming audio gear of choice. Through this new partnership, OpTic’s Championship Call of Duty, Halo and Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams will begin using the Elite Pro Headset & T.A.C.

The Elite Pro Headset, T.A.C. and accessories are planned to launch globally this summer, and are currently available for pre-order starting today at participating retail outlets worldwide, for the UK, GAME has the exclusive distribution rights for the Elite Pro series.

For more information on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset, Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller and Elite Pro accessories, visit

Battlefield 1 announced

A select group of fans were invited to an exclusive event in London’s Fulham Broadway this evening to witness the World Premiere of Battlefield 1:

Epic right? This is set to be Dice’s most immersive title to date, Set on a global scale players will experience the dawn of a world war. You’ll journey around the globe, visit different front lines, from the Italian Alps, mountain forts under siege & cavalry charges in the Arabian desert.

Battlefield 1 will feature a single and multiplayer campaign and will be the most believable world dice has ever built, taking cues from world around them.

EA Access subscribers will get access to the game around the 18th October, three days before the worldwide release. This lucky people heading to EA Play in a months time will access to B1 , which is very exciting. Bring. It. On.

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr reigns destruction

In support of the up and coming Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, NeocoreGames has launched a new monthly video series. Called the Inquisitorial Log, these videos will gradually show the most important parts of the game.

The first trailer in the series focusses on a firm favourite of ours, destruction. Environment destruction plays an important part in war, especially in the dark and violent 41st millennium. Nothing feels better than when you’re tearing chunks out of walls but as the video shows it’s not only a cosmetic feature. The environment also plays an important feature in firefights and being destructive adds another tactical layer to the game.

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr is being developed for the Xbox One and for further information check out their official website.

TiX Podcast: Quantum Infinite

Welcome to the This is Xbox Podcast.

Join Greg Giddens and Steve Peacock and for a new episode of the This is Xbox Podcast – episode 27 Quantum Infinite. In this episode the pair discuss Quantum Break, what they’d like to see next from Rocksteady, Call of Duty Infinite, E3 rumours, and Gears of War 4’s multiplayer Beta, and of course the usual silly banter you’d expect.

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The awesome music in this episode was provided by Bangmaid and produced by James Gill. (

Neverwinter’s Maze Engine ticks over

Neverwinter maze engine

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studio yestrday released the ninth expansion for their hugely successful MMORPG, Neverwinter on Xbox One. It’s been available to PC players for a few weeks now and it’s finally made it for console players. Titled The Maze Engine, it continues on from where the previous expansion, Underdark, left off.

Even though your adventuring spirit quelled the efforts of Demogorgon, new threats have risen from the depths. The Horned King Baphomet has taken control of The Maze Engine. This powerful reality altering artifact can give Baphomet the capability to ensnare the Sword Coast.

The Maze Engine will also see the return of Castle Never. This has been captured and overrun by the Prince of Undeath, Orcus. He has used his powers to reanimate slain heroes of the Keep’s past and has raised an army of the undead.

The latest expansion has also brought new gameplay updates, including the return of four leveling dungeons and the previously mentioned Castle Never. The fortress has been upgraded to an epic dungeon, just to give you something else to worry about. All returning dungeons have been upgraded with fresh visuals and brand new content. Cloak Tower, Pirate King’s Retreat, The Frozen Heart and Caverns of Karrundax have all made a welcome return .

The Maze Engine also introduces a new Mounts System. This allows players to upgrade and customise their mounts and how they are stored. You can even use abilities from other mounts to augment the powers of your favourite. Also included are an improved queue system and of course, the all-new campaign.

To celebrate this release, we have teamed up with Perfect World Entertainment to give away 50 Boar Mounts for The Maze Engine. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook accounts in the coming day or so for more details and your chance to mount up.

Neverwinter maze engine 02

Neverwinter: The Maze Engine is available now and free-to-play for all Xbox Live Gold members.

Carmageddon: Max Damage suffers delay

Stainless Games and Sold Out Sales & Marketing have announced that Carmageddon: Max Damage will now be released on July 8th 2016 for the Xbox One. Originally due for release on the 3rd June, the new revised date is to allow the development team extra time to give the game a final polish before delivery and make sure it’s the best it can be.

It’s not all bad news though as Sold Out also announced the pre-order offer for the boxed retail edition of the game. Available from now, anyone who pre-orders Carmageddon: Max Damage will also receive the following bonus items:

  • Two extra player cars: The “Tez Eagle” and the “Iron Hawk”.
  • Four skins: Two additional paint schemes for each of the cars.
  • Digital comic: An exclusive digital download for pre-order customers, entitled, “Where Eagles Die”.

Carmageddon: Max Damage Bonus Pre-order

For those who don’t know, Carmageddon: Max Damage is the latest instalment of the popular cult racing series. Bystanders had better run for their lives as a crazed collection of speed freaks go head to head competing in a range of high-octane events. With insane PowerUps, surreal environments and many ways to win, it all adds up to endless hours of violent and hilarious fun.

Carmageddon: Max Damage will now be released on July 8th for the Xbox One. In the meantime why don’t you check out there official website for more information.

Xbox announce ID@Xbox Game Fest

To celebrate the amazing success and bright future of ID@Xbox, Microsoft have announced the ID@Xbox Game Fest – a month-long celebration that’s designed to show off the breadth of amazing content offered by independent developers on Xbox One.

“Since the days of the original Xbox, I have been a huge fan of independent games that bring us incredibly creative and unique experiences you just cannot find anywhere else,” said Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Product Marketing, Xbox.

Each week in May, they’ll be highlighting a new batch of very special games, including some brand-new releases. Each week’s selection of ID@Xbox titles will feature a specific theme, along with additional creator spotlight content and special discounts.

May 3-9: Discover. ID@Xbox has hosted a number of memorable, outside-the-box games, like The Park, Beyond Eyes, and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. And that’s just the start. It’s time to broaden your horizons – discover new experiences, new creators, and new ways to play!

May 10-16: Play for Free. Everyone loves free stuff, and Xbox One is home to many top-notch free-to-play titles, such as Smite, Warframe, and ROBLOX. We’ll show you some of the best games from independent developers that you can play for free right now, to get the most bang for your non-buck.

May 17-23: What’s Next. The Xbox Game Preview program has already featured a number of acclaimed titles, including Layers of Fear (which has since graduated to a full release!), The Long Dark, and The Solus Project. We’ve got more games coming to the program, and this is your chance to get early access to tomorrow’s future indie hits, engage with developers, and help shape the next wave of awesome games

May 24-30: Best of ID@Xbox. Finally, we’ve got some great deals on some of the best ID@Xbox games and bundles. Most of these indie standouts need no introduction – we’re talking stuff like Rocket League, Rogue Legacy, The Escapists, and The Banner Saga. If you’ve never experienced them, we’re going to be offering you plenty of incentive to pick some of these modern classics.

What’s been your favourite ID@Xbox title?

Latest Deals with Gold – MS Publisher & ID @Xbox

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