5 Game Sequels Or Revivals We Would Love To See

With the Xbox One fast approaching, and we prepare ourselves for the next generation of games, and with Microsoft boasting 15 exclusives (8 of which being brand new franchises), I have decided to look back through my gaming past and have picked out the 5 games that I would love to see again.


Too Human:- Back in 2008 we were treated to an action RPG called Too Human. Developed by Canadian outfit Silicon Knights, this was a game that was 10 years in development, which was finally released on the Xbox 360, after being originally penned as a 4 disc release on the P!$&?@%$*@!

Too Human told a futuristic retelling of Norse mythology that portrays the Norse Gods as cybernetically enhanced humans tasked with protecting mankind from the onslaught of Loki’s army of machines. The player takes the role of the Norse god Baldur, who is less cybernetic than the other gods, thus being “Too Human”.

Too Human was originally penned as part of a trilogy, and dammit I want the second instalment. However I will accept a reboot too. Too Human was, for me, one of the most understated and under rated games of this generation that fully deserved more recognition than what it got. Admittedly Too Human wasn’t the greatest of games, but it was a huge game that boasted a rather unique combat system, that and its wide range of customization options and allowed for a huge amount of enemies on the screen at one time, made Too Human one of the most compelling games of this generation, and I want more!


Brute Force:- Brute Force takes place in the year 2340, when the human race has spread out across the galaxy and settled around 50 star systems, which are collectively known as the “Known Worlds”. The major colonies and some alien races are governed by what is known as the Confederation of Allied worlds. They patrol borders, protect their people, and keep watch on hostile alien races, as well as humans who wish to work for the aliens.

Brute force was for me, one of the revolutionary games of the previous generation. Brute Force was a 3rd person squad based tactical shooter that allowed for up to 4 player co-operative multiplayer. Each character had a different ability and was more proficient with different weapon types, so choosing the right character for the right situation was critical.

There was also a multiplayer mode which had players choose a squad type (different ones became available as the campaign progressed) and compete in different game modes against other players. As with the campaign, each different squad had different abilities and weapon sets.

The reason I would like to see this game make a comeback is due to the leaps and bounds that squad based games have come on in the past 10 years since the games release, and I think many of the modern day games will owe a lot of thanks and credit to the people at Digital Anvil and Brute Force. You just have to look at the likes of Gears of War and Ghost Recon to see what can be done, so it would be good to see this game make a comeback and see what this game will do with the new tech that’s on offer.


Vanquish:- This is easily the winner of my under rated game of all time award. Vanquish was innovative and offered some unique additions to the 3rd person shooter, which included fast paced action, reminiscent of 2D bullet hell shooters, and an original sliding boost mechanic that allowed players to slide across the floor into cover and still fire on the enemies.

In essence it is a typical offering that you would expect from Platinum Games, and believe me if you haven’t played it, you will want to pick it up on the cheap somewhere.

Vanquish takes place in the near future where Earth’s human population has grown so rapidly that nations are fighting for the scarce remaining resources. The United States of America has attempted to alleviate its energy problems by launching an O’Neill Cylinder space station harbouring a solar energy-driven generator to provide them with an alternative source of energy. However, the government of the Russian Federation has been overthrown in a coup d’état by ultra-nationalist forces calling themselves the Order of the Russian Star. Russian forces capture the space station and divert its harvested solar energy into a blast wave that devastates San Francisco. The main antagonist, Victor Zaitsev, demands that the American government surrender or he will choose New York City as his next target.

With regards to a sequel for this game, it’s not something I want; it’s something that I NEED!! So please Platinum Games, if you have any kind of a soul, you will give us Vanquish 2.


Crash Bandicoot:- If there is ever a gaming character that deserves a revival, it’s Crash Bandicoot. Most gamers at some point in their life would have made contact with everyone’s favourite marsupial.

17 years ago I was first introduced to Crash and Aku Aku back on the original P&!£$%*@!£” and I instantly fell in love, and it is thanks to Crash and (dare I say it) S&%! (apparently I can’t say it), that I fell in love with gaming. I can’t remember the amount of hours I put in trying to defeat Dr N. Brio.

Of course as time went on, Crash kind of lost his way in the gaming world and finally came to an end after 2008’s Crash: Wrath of the Titans. I’m not going to sit here and preach about how much Crash deserves to be rebooted, because quite frankly if he were to get the reboot, I don’t think even Naughty Dog could make it compete in the next generation of games. However what I would like to see is a game reminiscent of classic Crash, and with both Microsoft and S&%! Saying they will continue to support their current platforms, it would be nice to see Crash come back as maybe an arcade release as I feel that is the area it will fit well in.


Timesplitters:- Every time the question about a Timesplitters sequel arises, all I hear is WWE superstar Daniel Bryan chanting in my ear ‘YES, YES, YES!’

Timesplitters was first introduced to us back in 2000, and instantly became a hit in the hearts of gamers. Two sequels were produced, the final one being 2005’s Timesplitters: Future Perfect. There were talks of a Timesplitters 4 but in 2007 it was indefinitely postponed. Since then gamers have been hitting the internet in their masses demanding another instalment to the franchise. It has since been announced that a fan made sequel will be made available totally free on the PC entitled Timesplitters: Rewind and depending on its success, a console release may be considered.

Now however good this news may be, it’s not an official sequel, I am still hoping for the day that Crytek announce an official sequel is in development. The chances of this happening however are probably very slim, what with Crytek currently putting all their efforts towards Ryse: Son of Rome and Homefront 2. However should the day come that they announce it, I will do all I can to find the person responsible for signing it off, and plant a big wet one on them.

Well those are the games I’d like to see get a modern day facelift, what games would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to stay tuned to This is Xbox for all the latest news and reviews as it happens.

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