505 Games reveal Assetto Corsa


505 Games have revealed a new arcade racing simulator, released to critical acclaim for it’s excellent handling model on PC, Assetto Corsa will be coming to Xbox One in 2016.

The game will draw upon the PC version’s 20+ track configurations and over 100 high performance vehicles, including the Maclaren P1 and is already drawing comparisons with the likes of Project Cars.

What might be different to the PC version? Well, how about a laser-scanned full version of Nordschleife. Those of us in the know, or who can slam that in a search engine fast enough, can tell you, this is the 14.173 miles North Loop of the Nurburgring. Boy racers will be shaking in their Recaro seats already.

It’s heading to the Xbox One next year then and here’s the trailer, for your total delight.

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