Crimson Alliance Vengeance DLC Review

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It was a mere few weeks ago that I was bathing in the brilliance of Crimson Alliance, Certain Affinity’s dungeon crawling extravaganza and one of the highlights of a very well lit summer for the Xbox LIVE arcade.

Yet now I find myself back in the saddle and ready to tackle the first of Crimson Alliances DLC, worryingly titled, Vengeance.

With the new content Certain Affinity have given us 2 new campaign levels, a single challenge level and a decent 240MS point price tag. So far so good.

Within the new campaign levels we’re tasked with chasing down a pair of female assassins through more of the same high quality maps and challenging foes. Indeed if anything the challenge on offer in this DLC has, if anything, been ramped up a little. Certainly co-op play could take a bit of the strain from your shoulders but even then it shouldn’t prove plain sailing. 240 MS points begins to look like more than value for money.

The levels themselves come with their own boss battles to round things off and an absolute wealth of gold scattered along the way, we have timed sections in which too much hesitation will see your days ended by the environment, a new weapon for each character and the usual leaderboard support, all in all a solid campaign package.

The challenge level dubbed ‘a fistful of coins’ is all about survival and building gold. Battle through wave after wave of ever increasingly difficult enemies and leave richer than your wildest dreams, that at least is the idea. In reality if you’re playing solo brace yourself for multiple early deaths as this mode really needs a full house of co-op players to reap the rewards. After each round you are given the opportunity to leave with the gold amassed so far or fight on for further riches. Be aware though, die and all that loot is gone. It’s a welcome addition and gives yet another reason to lose yourself in Crimson Alliance for a few hours.

To sum up, fans of Crimson Alliance are in for a treat as the Vengeance DLC just adds yet more of the same superb gameplay and action already enjoyed in the full game. It’s obviously not bringing anything particularly new but what we get is a hearty challenge for a bargain price, if only more games would follow Certain Affinity’s example the world would be a happier place. Anyone that hasn’t yet sampled Crimson Alliances delights……why not! Get it while it’s hot folks, it’s an arcade must buy.

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