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Rise of the Tomb Raider gets new gameplay video

Rise of the Tomb Raider is getting some awesome new content as part of it’s 20th Anniversary celebrations and here is an 11 minute gameplay video. On Octo...

Black Ops 3 last DLC brings day of reckoning

The fourth DLC coming to Black Ops 3 has been announced and with it comes the day of reckoning. Titled Salvation, the latest DLC will bring four new maps to the...

Digital board game Armello is out now on Xbox One

Armello, the digital board game from League of Geeks where you adventure in a world of anthropomorphic animals  has releases today on Xbox One as part of Micros...

Battlefield 1 Open Beta early access codes are live

If you were one of the many that signed up as a Battlefield Insider to get your hands on an early access code for the Battlefield 1 Beta then you should check y...

Wreckfest is coming to Xbox One

Bugbear Entertainment have announced that their car wrecking PC game Wreckfest is coming to Xbox One. Bugbear Entertainment Studio Director, Janne Alanenpää, sa...

Black & White Bushido coming to Xbox One

Endemol Shine Group have announced the launch of games developer and publishing label Good Catch, along with their upcoming Xbox One release Black & White B...

Airport Architect coming to Xbox One in 2017

UIG Entertainment have today announced that their forthcoming management simulation title, Airport Architect, will be coming to Xbox One in early spring of 2017...

GAME unwraps the Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition

GAME are back with another unboxing, this time it’s the Battlefield 1 Collector’s edition. The unboxing took place at i58, included with the Collect...


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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom review

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