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Valley coming to Xbox One in August

From the same people who bought us Slender : The Arrival comes and open world exploration game called Valley. Blue Isle Studios have you sporting an exo skeleto...

Large Black Market update comes to Black Ops 3

So the Black Market Vendor has been quiet for a little while but not any more, as one of the biggest Black Market content updates has just arrived. Featuring Ep...

Xbox calling at The Final Station in August

We’d all love to be a train driver, right? How about driving a train in a zombie-infested apocalypse? It’d be like the next chapter in Shaun of the ...

The new A50 + Base Station now available for preorder

Back in June, Astro announced the A50 would be getting a rather awesome upgrade. Well good news! The new A50 + Base Station now available for preorder and avail...

Race you for it… the Thrustmaster TMX Racing Wheel

With Forza Horizon 3 fast approaching and over 350 cars to choose from, are you geared up with an Xbox One racing wheel? You’re not! Well best you take a ...

Get to know Marcus and Dedsec in Watch Dogs 2: Remote Access

The team at Watch Dogs 2 have decided to put a series of videos together titled Remote Access, which will take us on a journey behind the scenes highlighting th...

Rainbow Six Siege free to play weekend for gold members

It’s becoming a common occurrence that every so often Xbox takes a game and throws it in the free to play weekend bucket. Well this weekend it’s the...

Darksiders returning for the apocolypse

Darksiders has to be one of my all time favourite games, the hack n’ slash game play mixed in with some insane combos that don’t take a degree in bu...


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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Pack review

The problem with being on top is that those beneath you covet your crown. For years FIFA played second fiddle to PES but once it stole the football crown, FIFA ...[Read More]



Kung-Fu for Kinect review

Remember that device that sits above your Xbox One or TV and is used most of the time to pick up you shouting commands at Cortana to watch TV or record some ama...[Read More]



Fru: Full game review

It’s no secret now that the Xbox Kinect has a limited future. The same occurred with the first incarnation back in 2009 when the technology seemed excitin...[Read More]



MX vs ATV Supercross Encore review

In 1999, I bought a really cool Motocross windbreaker. It was red, with a white and black strip running down the left-hand side, and a patch that said, ‘McCread...[Read More]