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June’s Games with Gold revealed

Xbox have announced June’s Games with Gold, check out the video below for information: On June 1, we’ve got the next-gen goat simulation technology of Goa...

Gobble up PAC-MAN 256 on Xbox One soon

He’s coming up to 36 years old. 36! Who would have thought that PAC-MAN would have stood the test of time when he was initially conceived way back in 1980...

Overwatch is live – get playing!

The wait is over, Overwtach is here. Overwatch takes place on a near-future Earth, where teams of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities clash for cont...

Black Ops 3: Eclipse DLC finally released for Xbox

The wait is finally over and the second DLC for Black Ops 3, Eclipse has finally been released for Xbox. Named Eclipse, the new dlc brings 4 new Multiplayer map...

Microsoft and Team Dakota extinguish Project Spark

Some of you may have already noticed but you can no longer download Project Spark from the Xbox or Windows store and this is because after much consideration Mi...

Soul Axiom arriving in June

Back in February, Wales Interactive released a new aventure puzzler into the market on Steam. Called Soul Axiom, it tells the tale of a haunting cyber-world nam...

Kick and Fennick get new screens

I remember when I was younger, platformers were all the rage. There was at the time, a heap of amazing games to choose from. A plethora of choice. For that reas...

The Technomancer gets a new trailer

The Technomancer, the sci-fi RPG set on Mars, is due for release on June 28th on Xbox One. the other day a gameplay trailer unveiled some of the features of thi...

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DOOM review

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