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February’s Games with Gold announced

Did someone say free games? Why yes we did! Microsoft have announced the 4 titles that will be free to download in February 2017. For Xbox One, it’s the co-op s...

Latest Insider update rolling out on Xbox One

If you are part of the Xbox Insider programme, previously known as the Xbox Preview Program you may have a new look preview this morning. Major Nelson’s v...

Playdead tease their new project

Tease is certain the word for the Tweet developer Playdead sent out the other day. Playdead brought us the creepy and atmospheric platformers Limbo and INSIDE, ...

Mass Effect Andromeda to hit EA Early Access on March 16th

The official Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter have sent out a tweet replying to Twitter user @N7Follower confirming that the BioWare space RPG will be coming to Xb...

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse how to beat the progress reset glitch

I’ve been having a lot of fun with RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, but upon going back to the game today – after quitting the game rather than picking up from my las...

Warhammer Quest adventuring onto Xbox One soon

Every now and again, we get code drop into the TiX inbox, today a code made me stop in my tracks… something jumped out that shouldn’t be there… Warhammer ...

Game cancelling some Resident Evil 7 statue pre-orders

UK retailer Game are currently cancelling some pre-orders of the collectable Resident Evil 7 plantation statue. This is due to the replica statues arriving dama...

Pinball FX2 goes Rogue on the One

Hold onto your pinballs, Pinball FX 2 is on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star with Pinball: Rogue One. By the looks of the below screenshots, holog...

Final Dark Souls 3 DLC announced

Dark Souls 3 has been an extremely successful addition to the Souls series. Developers Bandai Namco have today released details of the final installment to the ...

Tekken 7 prepares to fight on June 2nd

The next chapter of the Tekken series will be released on June 2nd, Tekken 7 will no doubt please all you fighting fans. The are various versions of the game du...

Two new Xbox One S bundles incoming

Microsoft have announced that two new Xbox One S bundles are about to be released. The bundles are the Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Bundle (1TB) and ...

New details about Rocket League Season 4

Physonix have written to fans giving them details about the end of Season 3 and what to expect from Season 4. First and foremost, we want to thank all of you, o...

Expansion 3: Last Stand and Update 1.6 details revealed for The Division

Ubisoft have announced the latest details of Last Stand, the third expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division, as well as of its upcoming Update 1.6. The Last Stan...

Injustice 2 Online Beta Registration is live

Great news, Injustice 2 have launched their Online Beta Registration page, the bad news is that they’re saying it’s just for North America at the mo...

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Rise and Shine review

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Metrico+ review

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Toby The Secret Mine review

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SCUF Elite Controller review

What’s your most important Xbox Accessory? For me it used to be my headset, with a young family, late night gaming meant I needed something to help me alo...[Read More]



Nevermind review

Nevermind provides an interesting and eerie opportunity to see into the minds of four very different individuals, and help them overcome trauma. It’s part walki...[Read More]



Sylvio Review

Sylvio is a first person psychological horror game made by Indie developers Stroboskop. When it comes to horror games more often than not games promise lots and...[Read More]


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