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GAME unwraps the Battlefield 1 Collector’s Edition

GAME are back with another unboxing, this time it’s the Battlefield 1 Collector’s edition. The unboxing took place at i58, included with the Collect...

ReCore Collector’s Edition unboxing

Do you know what’s great about having a Man Cave? I finally have the space to display all the awesome Collector’s Editions I’ve bought over th...

Who fancies testing Behemoth’s newest game Pit People?

The Behemoth, independent games developer and publisher of titles Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater have announced that they are looking for people to hel...

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is coming to Xbox One

Publisher Curve Digital and developer The Chinese Room have announced that Dear Esther: The Landmark Edition will be coming to consoles next month. Dear Esther:...

Less than 72 hours remain for Hitman Elusive Target 9 – The Black Hat

Those familiar with Agent 47’s career antics should be no stranger to the idea of the Elusive Target. Well it’s that time again and Target 9 is now ...

New Pure Farming 17 trailer rolls in

After a successful showing at Gamescom 2016, Techland Publishing have got a new trailer for us: We also get to find out about some of the games features, includ...

Nuka-World – one vacation you’ll never forget

With the Summer holidays nearly over there is still time to grab one more family trip and what better place to head for than Nuka-World, American’s favour...

Destiny – One last trial for old gen

I think it’s fair to say Bungie has been trying to phase out the Xbox 360 from it’s future Destiny content releases. In it’s weekly update Bun...


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F1 2016 review

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Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom review

If you’ve watched the Attack on Titan anime, then you will most certainly have a few unanswered questions – what was the female Titan’s motive? Who are the Armo...[Read More]

Snooker Nation Championship 2016 preview

Snooker games continue their niche standing in the video game community. Unlike its more popular and universal cousin Pool, the game of Snooker is the reserve o...[Read More]



Breach & Clear: Deadline review

Breach & Clear plays like a cross between XCOM and Commandos. As such it offers a tactically vast and interesting strategy experience that relies on your te...[Read More]