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Titanfall movement comes to Call of Duty Black Ops 3


Treyarch have certainly flaunted their new movement system in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and now they have released a tutorial video that shows off the system in more detail.

As good as it looks, I can’t help but think that I’m seeing Titanfall in COD clothing. All the moves, mantles and wall runs look a little too familiar, which is fine, I’ve racked up hundreds of hours on Titanfall so watch out ha ha!

Titanfall coming to EA Access


We all like a nice bit of speculation and gossip and the latest rumour going around is that Titanfall will be joining the already extensive list of free to play games in the EA Access vault.

Well I can confirm that this indeed does look like the case, as even though it’s not appearing in the Vault if you search for it via the game store you can download and play it for free. Also you are no longer required to have the disc in your console if you wish to play, again confirming that the license key is now part of the free games in the vault.

This is great news for EA Access owners that don’t yet have this game as with the season pass becoming free to celebrate the games anniversary all the DLC for this great game is also yours to have for nothing.

EA are yet to comment but it looks like one of the announcements EA was going to make at E3 is already out of the bag.

EA Access is the exclusive subscription service where you receive discounts on EA games, but also have access to the vault, a selection of the best EA games that are free to play and download. Membership will also grant you early access to upcoming titles, such as the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

Titanfall 2 still a long way off


Following last weeks release of EA’s end of year financials the release sheet seem to missing the anticipated Titanfall 2 sequel.

On a conference call after the announcement EA said that we shouldn’t expect to see the sequel released in the coming 2016 fiscal year, expecting it to fall in 2017. So in layman’s terms that translates to at least another 11 months before we might get our hands on it.

EA’s 2017 fiscal year starts April 1st 2016, so I guess that’s when we start getting excited, but personally don’t hold your breath. Looking at recent trends and staggered game releases I would tend to put my money on late 2016 if not Q1 2017.

Now we have sometime, let me know your thoughts and what you’d like to see in the sequel?

Titanfall playlists now include all DLC


Just last week, the Titanfall twitter account revealed that the DLC maps were being included in PC playlist with Xbox One to follow suit in a “future patch”. That future patch is now – from today, DLC packs will now be included in all playlists although there’s no word on when they will be included for Xbox 360 owners.

Hang on though, won’t this force those that don’t own the DLC to buy the Season Pass or the packs they don’t have? Yes it will… but at the grand sum of FREE, you really don’t have a reason to pick them up!

See you on the battlefield.

Xbox One Update: Now available for download, look for playlists to now include all DLC content. #Titanfall

— Titanfall (@Titanfallgame) April 8, 2015

Titanfall 2 announced


IGN have been speaking to Respawn founder and CEO Vince Zampella at tonight’s BAFTA Game Awards, and he has confirmed Titanfall 2 is in development and will be released on multiple platforms.

He Said:

“I guess EA announced a sequel, so I could play coy and pretend I don’t know anything about it, or… yeah. So we’re working on a sequel. No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too. Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.”

Considering its a game I’m still really into this is great news, I’m curious to see what else they can bring to the table, maybe a proper single-player campaign? What would you like to see?

Titanfall birthday DLC bonanza


Who loves a freebie? (waits for the obligatory hands up and cries of “Me!”).

Who loves a bit of Titanfall? (See above for obligatory waiting.)

Well, without any prompting from Microsoft or EA, it would appear that all 3 of Titanfall’s DLC packs, Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising are now free, gratis, costless, on Xbox Live for both the 360 and Xbox One version.

There is speculation that this might be because the game is part of Games with Gold next month, or it might be because it’s Titanfall’s first birthday today.

To be frank, who cares, free stuff, fill your big metal boots if you’ve got the game and didn’t get round to buying either the Season Pass, as that’s free too, or any of the DLC packs.

Actually, pick up the Pass anyway, even if you don’t own the game yet, that way, these will still be free for when you do.

What are you waiting for? Mount up, pilot.


Xbox Black Friday Deals Now Out; Titanfall, FIFA & More Discounted


It’s that time of year again folks, Black Friday is finally here and it’s filled with great discounts on some of the years most popular games.

The best part? You won’t even have to leave your house as these deals are available directly through the Xbox One marketplace and they’re some of the best we’ve seen yet; blockbuster titles like FIFA 15, Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and The Walking Dead: Season 2 are available for up to 75% off but only until Monday, so you better hurry!

    NHL 15 – 45% Madden 15 – 45% FIFA 15 Holiday Edition – 45% Watchdogs – 33% Titanfall – 75% Titanfall (Bundle) – 75% Titanfall Season Pass (Add-on) – 75% Battlefield 4 – 50% Battlefield 4 Premium (Add-on) – 50% Wolfenstein: The New Order – 50% Ryse: Legendary Edition – 50% The Evil Within – 50% The Walking Dead Season 1 – 40% The Walking Dead Season 2 – 40% The Walking Dead Season 1 + 2 (Bundle) – 50% Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition – 10% Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor – 50% Destiny Digital Guardian Edition – 10%

The Xbox 360 also has its own discounts which can be found over on Major Nelson’s blog. 

Let us know in the comments or on social media what you’ve already picked up on Black Friday!

Titanfall Deluxe Edition Coming Soon


Respawn has today revealed the Deluxe Edition for Titanfall. Described as “delivering the complete Titanfall experience” the Titanfall Deluxe Edition includes the award-winning game featuring agile pilots and massive titans battling it out in fast-paced future warfare. In addition to the base game, players will also receive all three Titanfall DLC packs including Expedition, Frontier’s Edge and IMC Rising, adding nine maps designed to allow fans to continue the fight on the edge of the frontier.

Released in March, Titanfall has quickly become the best-selling new IP for the Xbox One. Since then Respawn have added a wealth of post-release content including the introduction of new game modes including co-op play, titan customisation, the Black Market, ranked play and more. All this great content combined in one package means there has never been a better time to feel the rush of Titanfall and the thrill of dropping your first titan on the battlefield.

Upon its release, Titanfall seized the attention of gamers around the world with its exhilarating first-person action gameplay centered on the dynamic between elite assault pilots and agile, heavily-armored, 24-foot titans. Praised by Game Informer as “a brave new vision of the future of multiplayer games”, the action in Titanfall is rapid and varied – featuring parkour-style wall running, massive double jumps and the ability to control titans. The freedom to shift back and forth between pilot and titan allows players to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation and extending the action vertically to new heights.

The Titanfall Deluxe Edition is available next week digitally for Xbox One on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Titanfall Update #8 Announced, Contains 4 Player Co-Op Horde Mode & More!


Respawn Entertainment aren’t done with Titanfall just yet and have just dropped some great news about it’s first major multiplayer game.

Titanfall will be receiving another update (#8) and it’s one of the biggest ones to hit the game to date, containing several new game modes, new enemies and it’ll be available to download tomorrow, 23rd October 2014.

The most notable feature of this update is a game mode called ‘Frontier Defense‘ which is a horde-like mode where a four player co-op team try to defend a certain place on the map from a range of different enemies. This mode brings with it several new Ai types such as mortar and sniper teams, as well as changing the general behavior of the enemies, hopefully making it a challenging and enjoyable experience for all. Frontier Defense will be playable on all 24 multiplayer maps.

If that doesn’t make you crave Titanfall again, several other new modes will be included in this update such as Marked for Death Pro which challenges players to eliminate a single VIP on the other team while Deadly Ground forces players to battle across rooftops as the entire ground is covered in a lethal electric cloud (think: floor is lava).

Oh, and the achievement hunters of the Xbox One will be pleased to hear that 17 new achievements will also be making an appearance with this update, revolving around these new modes, increasing the overall amount available from Titanfall to 2,000 points.

The full patch notes and details for Titanfall Update 8 are available on the official site, there is tonnes there!

Titanfall Update 6 now available

titanfall 360 a

Respawn have announced that Update 6 for Titanfall would be made available across all platforms today. The most noticeable change to update is the introduction of Pilot Skirmish, an 8v8 pilots only mode.

Also the previously temporary mode, Marked for Dearh has proved so popular that it has now become a permanent fixture.

Colourblind players will notice new features to help them play as well lots of improvements to do with Burn Cards, full details can be found here.

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