A New Kickstarter Campaign is ‘LUMIN’


Earlier on this morning Shadow Galley Media announced their new Kickstarter campaign for LUMIN; their first major release, which if all goes to plan will be released in October for Windows Phone (and other Mobile OS’s) at a charge of… £0.00!

Check out their Kickstarter video:

To pull directly from their Kickstarter page;

LUMIN is a retro inspired side scrolling platform game about one girls journey to bring color back into her world. The player takes control of Katelyn Demissio, a young girl, as she journeys into the Kingdom of Lumin to rid the land of ‘The Grey’, restore color to the kingdom, and rescue the royal family. Of course, nothing is so straight forward and we soon learn prior to the games start that Katelyn is a lost member of the royal Lumin family who was taken from the kingdom by former master-at-arms Demissio during ‘The Grey’s’ invasion. On his deathbed Demissio reveals Katelyn’s true heritage and she sets out to save her family and bring color back to LUMIN. Many surprise twists and turns will be revealed during the games progression that will keep the player on their toes and wanting to see what comes next.

I am a massive supporter of getting more apps and games released on the Windows Phone platform. I was their when it was announced t0 the world and have supported it ever since. If you want, like me, to see new and unique games like this make it onto Windows Phone and help a new and promising young studio then head on over to their Kickstarter page and visit them on Instagram.

Here are a couple of early development screenshots…



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