Aaero to appear at EGX


There are some hinted releases that are particularly tricky to track down. Mad Fellows Games are a developer born out of the urban sprawl of Leamington Spa, UK and they’ve been working pretty closely with ID@Xbox to reveal a game that was a little tricky to find information for.

Aaero is the name of the game and is a rail shooting music game. Mad Fellows have some form when it comes to the music game genre, having released Sine Wave on iOS already. Aaero is promising an exhilarating, killer, licensed soundtrack from the likes of Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Neosignal, Astronaut and Barely Alive with more to be announced in the coming months.

As for the gameplay, expect Aaero to deliver on the promise of dynamic environments, stylised visuals, epic boss battles and freeform gameplay in perfect time with the music.

Aaero is making it’s gameplay debut at EGX in Birmingham, UK from the 24th-27th of September.

I’m intrigued by Aaero, which is scheduled for release in 2016.


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