Achievement unlocked – new career system being explored

It should be no surprise to hear that Microsoft are looking into other ways to expand the achievements system of the Xbox. It’s fair to say that despite a monthly leaderboard of how your earned score stacks against your friends and each achievement having a rarity associated to it, the importance of gaining achievements isn’t as prevalent as it once was when they first appeared on the Xbox 360.

One way of expanding their ‘value’ is being touted by Windows Central, who have revealed that Microsoft are exploring ways of introducing a career system of unlocks that will complement the current achievement system. This new system will appeal to those who pour hours of playtime into individual games rather than grabbing lots of GS from a haul of titles.

Much like prestige in Call of Duty or the various rank unlocks, it’s suggested that this new career system could reward players who hit certain levels in a game with cosmetic items or loot crates. A quests section is also being suggested as a way to give players something to aspire towards.

It all sounds rather exciting – for years – many of us have asked for some meaningful value to our gaming accomplishments.