Active Soccer 2 DX released on Xbox One

Active Soccer 2DX

Every so often, a game sneaks under the radar that should be a classic. Active Soccer 2 DX could be that game.

Released today, priced £11.99 or your local currency equivalent, Active Soccer 2 DX is the follow-up to the mobile title of the same name. The most intriguing thing about this title is the fact that it’s an entirely one-man development team. Gianluca Troiano is The Fox Software and has mainly been developing games on mobile and tablet platforms, leading to a handheld console title and ultimately to releasing Active Soccer 2 DX on Xbox One.

So, what can you expect your moolah to buy, for what looks like a reminiscent mazy dribble down memory lane?

Active Soccer 2 DX will offer:

  • Up to eight local multiplayer game.
  • 850 team Career Mode with over 22,000 players, all with individual skills.
  • Classic teams and hundreds of legendary players.
  • Competition designer.
  • Complete team editor.
  • Variable weather conditions.
  • Interchangeable camera views.

There will obviously be some comparisons with the likes of the legendary Sensible Soccer and the equally legendary Kick Off. Active Soccer looks to carve it’s own niche in the arcade football genre, an alternative to the FIFA and PES’ of this new gen era.

Gianluca Troiano;

With Active Soccer 2 DX I wish the players found an alternative, fast, intuitive and engaging gaming. I would bring them to experience the emotions of the old classics soccer games, to fight on the pitch and cheer for a wonderful goal.

If you’re still to be convinced, have a look at the trailer below. You can find the game on the Xbox Store here when you’ve come to your senses.

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