Activision aims for total eSports domination

The rapidly expanding world of eSports has certainly grabbed the attention of the money makers, in the last decade we have seen eSports grow from dim back rooms at LAN parties to a multi-million pound industry with the top events regularly having cash prizes in the millions.

Recently there has been a big shift in the market. Reportedly, Activision have just set down a whopping $46 million for the rights and assets to Major League Gaming (MLG) a streaming service that is only for eSports. This happened on the 21st of December 2015 after the MLG board approved the sale.

As a pre-cursor to the sale, Activision Blizzard was set up in October 2015 and its sole function is to focus on eSports. It should also come as no surprise that Mike Sepso (ex co-fouder and MLG president) just stepped into a top executive spot in the newly formed team.

I’m expecting big things to be coming from them in the year to come.

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