Activision’s BATTLESHIP Video Game Out Now

Xbox 360

BATTLESHIP is now available in the UK today – and whilst it might not have hit your radar, here’s some information about the release.

The game takes a hybrid approach combining military strategy and fast-paced first-person shooter gaming as players take control of a powerful naval fleet and experience the cinematic action of war at sea. Trapped in a “dome” of alien-terror on the Hawaiian Islands, where support communications have been put to a halt, players commandeer real-world naval vessels, including Destroyers, Carriers, and even the famous U.S.S. Missouri as action-packed sea battles against alien invaders ensue across land, sea, and air.

It’s a game where first person run-and-gun gameplay meets tactical battle command on the Xbox 360 version. Playing as Cole Mathis, a first class Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician, players will deploy air strikes and radar sweeps to monitor and dominate the marine battlefield. With killer-combat instincts, players must lock-and-load an arsenal of weapons like machine guns and missile launchers to send the invaders packing.

BATTLESHIP is available in the UK for a suggested retail price of £39.99 – look out for our review soon.

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  • Nice Trailer…with 1.3 seconds of game play footage.

  • Haha, well, I'm reviewing this now – I didn't even know the game was out and it dropped through my letterbox this morning.

    Graphically it's great – it reminds me of a form of Call of Duty with Aliens in it… a more polished Section 8: Prejudice, but there's no multiplayer at all… it's just a campaign.

  • Mundo

    Jason, Will you be posting a review as I cannot find one anywhere

  • I will be, I've almost completed the game and I shall start writing soon. I think there are not many reviews out because I think the game in the US will be released on May 15th, but review copies in the UK didn't get sent out until late last week…so other UK reviews should be going out any day now I imagine.

  • Mundo

    Thanks Jason, a bit worrying though that you have already finished the game

  • Never be worried about reviewers finishing games haha. When you have a few to get through, many will play through on the easiest setting to get as much of the chapters seen as possible, … any game on Easy you can practically walk through in hours… I feel a little saddened by the lack of multiplayer though, it could have been an almost Call of Duty cross Halo haha