Add a little Sparkle to your gaming


10tons Ltd is a developer with a massive back catalogue of mobile gaming apps and a brief but very successful foray into the console market on Sony’s gaming device.

They are extremely excited to announce their debut Xbox One game will be the marble-matching madness that is Sparkle Unleashed. Some (many) of you will have played Sparkle or Sparkle 2 on your mobile devices I’m sure and Sparkle Unleashed is set to take the gameplay and make it more controller-friendly.

Gone is the rotating marble shooter, replaced with a sliding sphere-release along the bottom of the screen. This is very similar to Luxor, another game I’ve probably wasted days playing in the past.

Sparkle Unleashed will also feature chained orbs, rock orbs and more new challenges as well as 18 power-ups and new soundtrack . Challenge yourself to it’s 108 regular levels with a Survival mode and two more difficulty settings.

Will this finally be the game to knock Zuma off it’s marble blasting-pedestal on the Xbox platform?

Have a look at the trailer and then decide that you want to go and get it, when it’s relased, on the 3rd of June.

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