Adidas miCoach Kinect Review

Adidas miCoach for Kinect is one of the latest additions to the miCoach brand that also includes, miCoach Speed Cell, Heart Rate Monitors, Mobile Phone Apps, and miCoach Connect PC kits. The miCoach Kinect experience on the Xbox 360 from Adidas and 505Games is an interactive training regime in the comfort of your home with some of the world’s well-known coaching stars. Hook it up to the miCoach website and mobile apps to combine a fantastic well connected training service without the need for a human personal trainer. Save money, get fit, play better on the field or just use it as a personal exercise plan – it’s entirely your call.

miCoach is intended by all accounts to help you get fitter for the sport that you play most as it contains detailed Training Plans and Training Games in 6 different sports that include Basketball, Running, Football, American Football, Rugby and Tennis in the options. You additionally get to complete a variety of the exercises and fitness routines with up to 13 of the adidas globally recognised athletes including Kaka, Dwight Howard, Jessica Ennis, Jose Mourinho, Ana Ivanovic, Will Genia and Eric Berry all of whom provide Masterclasses for their own sport.

In order to get the best from Adidas miCoach it is advised that you use an Adidas CORE Stability Gym Ball, and dumbells which are sold separately. Not all regimes require them, but in order to get lean and fit, the tougher exercises will put you through your paces.

The first starting point to a fitness regime in miCoach is your training plan, from here you choose the sport that you want to achieve a personal best in with improvements. There’s a starting foundation for budding fitness fanatics that will teach you how to become more active, get fit, boost energy levels and see fast results with plans tailored for both Men and Women individually. It’s recommended to start all the Base Fitness plans first to get a feel for the correct technique as you learn new exercises. The plans designed for both men and women’s fitness that differ from the tailored sporting plans have been created to aid you get leaner, build strength and power, build bigger muscles and help redefine your body. It is these plans that require additional equipment and are best connected to the mobile apps and website – if you’re serious about getting fit then you should put together a fitness plan and stick to it with the help of the inbuilt calendar to monitor your activity and stats over the course of the next few weeks from when you get started.

Training Games allows you to improve skills and performance in your chosen sport. This claims to do so by playing a Kinect improvised set up. Basketball will have you catch the ball as it’s thrown towards you and you try to shoot some hoops, Football will test your ability to keep your eye on the ball and aim towards the goal using your head, chest and obviously feet – it’s about awareness and deliveries. Tennis is another keep your eye on the ball setup where your body movement and swing is monitored to help improve performance, the virtual tennis racket follows your hand as you aim for the ball. All games can be played both left and right handed where more games and training sessions are unlocked the better you play.

One of the downsides to Adidas miCoach is that it is tailored and focussed mostly around sports rather than fitness and is a complete menu driven options menu. It’s not that simple to get straight into your required exercise regime and the voice functions where you can say “miCoach” followed by your menu option is very unresponsive. Kinect motion controls in itself with miCoach are very responsive, more so than other games – but this isn’t up to the varied quality and great feel that can be found in other games such as Fitness Evolved which is better for general fitness plans if you’re not overly sporty. Visually the game is great, modern, great use of trainers and very interactive that also aims to put you on the screen in some settings as you undertake your fitness exercises. However, the requirement of a lot of space is needed to be seen by the Kinect Sensor as if you’re doing some exercises on the floor, then Kinect will need to see you. The further back from the device the better generally and around 7ft of space would be the ideal.

With miCoach for Kinect you do get to train in the comfort of your own home, participate in over 400 exercises if you want to get fit in all sports and have the leanest, meanest body of your life if you want to part with extra cash to buy the dumbbells and stability ball whilst you’re at it. Sadly, if you’re looking for a kinect title that can help you get fitter in general – then Adidas miCoach is not your best option – as it is really aimed for the sporting types of men and women out there as a training aid to help them achieve better performance.

Worth it if you play football, rugby, basketball and tennis on a regular basis – if not then you have no need for this title. If you do, then you’ll find this a great tool combined with stats tracker for improving your performance. If you want to dedicate the time, effort and energy – then go for it.

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