Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations review

When I heard that a brand new Adventure Time title was making its way to the Xbox One, I was beyond delighted and was even happier to hear that it was an adventure-puzzle game – one of my favourite genres. I had missed out on previous titles due to numerous reasons, and had to get my gaming fix from the excellent mobile games available, but now was my chance to get my hands on a Finn and Jake adventure for the new generation.


One quiet afternoon, Finn and Jake are relaxing in their treehouse, pondering what to spend their day doing, when suddenly BMO discovers an old investigations printing machine called the “Tickertype”, which belonged to their parents. Naturally Finn and Jake set out to solve these mysteries, whilst honing their puzzle-solving skills, battling bad guys, and just having fun in the Land of Ooo.

Each of the five mysteries are laid out just like an episode of Adventure Time and feature many smaller puzzles which need to be solved to then complete the main investigation of that episode. In the first investigation Finn and Jake take on they must prove to Princess Bubblegum that the Wizard, Abracadaniel, is innocent of kidnapping Peppermint Butler. To prove his innocence Finn and Jake must search for clues and question the members of the Candy Kingdom. However, it soon becomes apparent that there is a much larger mystery to solve, and the mathematical duo must escape the Candy Kingdom to discover the fate of the kingdom’s missing residents.


Finn and Jake Investigations plays very similarly to other well known point and click titles, such as Monkey Island or Broken Sword, using the controller face buttons to interact with other characters and items within the environment. Whilst exploring the Land of Ooo, you will pick up items along the way, which can then also be used in special combinations to solve smaller mysteries.

As with any Finn and Jake adventure, you will find yourself battling against many of the unfriendly residents of the Land of Ooo, resulting in a basic button mashing exercise, which with a certain number of successful hits, unlocks special Finn and Jake combination moves to use throughout the battle. Victory in these battles will sometimes result in a new sword, with their own special abilities, such as the Root Sword which roots an enemy to the spot, hindering their attack. Any new swords Finn acquires will be available to pick up in his sword storage from the safety of the treehouse.


Whenever anyone mentions Adventure Time, the first thing which comes to mind is the unique art style of the series. However, Little Orbit have decided to take the iconic imagery and style of the series into the third dimension, and the character, identity, and charm of Adventure Time is lost. They could have created a wonderful world using the original artwork of the series, but instead the game looks almost childish in appearance, and loses a lot of its original identity. What it lacks in detail, however, it certainly makes up in colour, as the environments and characters are instantly recognisable.

Little Orbit have created a well rounded and quite enjoyable puzzle-adventure title, which will keep you hunting for clues, and solving mysteries for hours. However, I did find that it felt more like a fleshed out arcade title, rather than a full retail game, and not sure whether it warrants the price of some other AAA titles out there.


Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations feels as though it’s aimed at the younger audience, with its bright and colourful visuals, uncomplicated combat system, and a full cast of familiar faces, but it will satiate the appetite of the older Adventure Time fans, although only for an afternoon or two. The puzzles and combat aren’t particularly taxing, but overall it is an enjoyable romp through the Land of Ooo.

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Thanks to Xbox and Little Orbit for their support

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