After Burner Climax to be pulled from XBLA


That’s right, the iconic jet shooter is to lose it’s XBLA status from December the 24th on Xbox 360.  The arcade-port, which has been available since 2010, is thought to be suffering the same fate as Sega’s Outrun Online, where a licensing agreement expired. In Outrun’s case it was the agreement with Ferrari, in After Burner’s case, it looks to be the agreement with one or all of the aircraft manufacturers appearing in the game.

What does this mean for you if you’ve already bought the game? Nothing at all at the minute. You can still play it once it’s delisted and you can still re-download an already purchased copy, you just won’t be able to buy a new copy after Christmas Eve.

Bad news for those of us who remember the original, and want to pretend to be flying the Decepticon, Starscream around on the cheap.

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