AirMech Arena flying to Xbox One


Carbon Games AirMech Arena will be heading to the Xbox One this spring. Already released for the Xbox 360 this brings the game to the next generation of consoles. In the game you take control of AirMechs, transforming weapons, that you use to protect your base against enemy AI or other players. There are nine AirMechs in total in the game and the choice is yours on how you defend your base, attack from the sky or transform into your ground mode to engage enemies head-on.


As you progress through the game, you’ll earn in-game cash (kudos) which can be exchanged to unlock upgrades, pilots and units.  With several game types open to you, you can complete quests in solo mode or partner up with friends and play cooperatively online. Work together or by yourself the choice is yours.

Checkout some gameplay footage of AirMech Arena on the Xbox One here

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