Alien coming to Mortal Kombat X?

A second Kombat Pack could soon be announced for Mortal Kombat X.

There has been a lot of speculation since the release of Tremor that a second Kombat pack will soon be on the way. Ed Boon has not confirmed or denied a Kombat Pack 2, but he does love to tease on his Twitter. He posted this a while back to showing off all Kombat pack 1 characters.

Now we all know Ed loves Alien and has posted a few things relating to it recently, Ed posted this pic on his twitter earlier today which I would say Alien is coming and there is a Kombat Pack 2.

kp2 alien twitter
There are a few non-playable characters from the story mode in Mortal Kombat X, Baraka, Rain, Sindel and Smoke. There could be a slew of characters coming to MKX in a way of more Kombat Packs in the future and one I can not wait to see is the infamous Spawn who was granted access to Mortal Kombat X by Todd McFarlane way back in Feburary but has not been used as of yet.

Spawn and Alien for KP2!!