All The Bravest – New Square Enix Project In The Pipeline


Within the past few days, Square Enix – publishers for hit games such as Hitman: Absolution and the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, has a new project in the works as they register a new Trademark and web domain. Only known for time being as “All the Bravest”, two domain names ( / .net) were registered through the trademark and domain management company Thomson Brandy on November 29th 2012 relating to what is potentially a new IP?

Square Enix filed a trademark application (trade mark no 011386349). A snippet of the goods and services in the filing cover:

“Computer game software; video game software; … electronic publications in the field of computer games, video games, cartoons and/or general entertainment … providing on-line non-downloadable comics; providing on-line non-downloadable magazines in the field of computer games, video games, cartoons and/or general entertainment.”

For now we can only speculate about how “All the Bravest” relates to a video game – something hunting related maybe, possibly even next-gen related???

Square Enix has not made any official announcement on the project, but when they do – we’ll be sure to keep you updated in due course.

Thanks: Fusible

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