Amazon releases own game engine for Xbox One and PC

Amazon have released their own game engine for those of you who wish to create your own creations on Xbox One and PC.

Designed to work with the Amazon Web Services, which utilises their cloud-based computing technology, Lumberyard can be used to create standalone games, for free, but developers should expect AWS-based charges.

A blend of new and proven technologies from CryEngine, Double Helix, and AWS, Lumberyard simplifies and streamlines game development. As a game engine, it supports development of cloud-connected and standalone 3D games, with support for asset management, character creation, AI, physics, audio, and more. On the development side, the Lumberyard IDE allows you to design indoor and outdoor environments, starting from a blank canvas.

All games created in Lumberyard will also be able to take advantage of two Twitch features, Twitch ChatPlay and Twitch JoinIn. ChatPlay will allow the developer to create games which respond to keywords in a Twitch chat stream, enabling the audience to vote for the most desired course of action. Twitch JoinIn allows a broadcaster to invite members of the audience, into the game from chat.

The Lumberyard engine is available to download from their website for free.

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