Angry Birds Trilogy – Anger Management DLC Out Now


There’s nothing like Angry Birds to make you… angry? Releasing today on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is 130 excuses to wind yourself up even more after flinging those birds around town with the “Anger Management” DLC add-on for Angry Birds Trilogy.

Weighing in at almost 39MB and 400 MS Points, the Anger Management pack for Angry Birds Trilogy allows you to play across 130 additional levels, adds ten new Achievements and a new playable character joins the flock – the Orange Bird which grows to an exceptional beast!

We rated Angry Birds Trilogy 9/10 in our review:

“Angry Birds Trilogy is a must own title for every Xbox 360 owner, great fun, addictive, challenging and over-the-top madness in a bright and cartoon world that will leave you hooked.”

Check out the Anger Management DLC trailer below:

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