Angry Birds Trilogy Review

The phenomenon that is Angry Birds has flown onto consoles with the Angry Birds Trilogy collection from Rovio and Activision. Better with Kinect, you can sling your birds with either controller or hand to knock out your enemies – simply known as the Pigs!

A popular game the world over largely due to its simplistic yet highly addictive puzzle set-up, Angry Birds is one of those games that taps into your persistence and unwavering nature with a just one more go approach. Leading you into a false sense of hope with the majority of the levels looking fairly simple for the logical aspect of your brain to process, it is not long before you start scratching your head as to how the hell you can do this!! It simply comes down to try and try again so that you can move on to the next level, and eventually new chapters.

The gameplay in every Angry Birds game is straight forward and completely simple. As the player you take control of a flock of birds with the aim of recovering your eggs that have been stolen by the Pigs. It’s not exactly clear why the Pigs have stolen the eggs, but in a cartoony cut-scene between various chapters you gradually get closer and closer to finding those eggs. In an odd setting, the Angry Birds are projected on to structures that can be collapsed onto the Pigs to take them out – done by using a slingshot and the skill of each bird to aid in your destruction. The difficulty lies in what type of birds you have available to use, the number of birds you have and how much of the environment needs to be destroyed before you can access the Pigs.

There are several different types of birds that you get to sling across the environments, but you start out with a basic red one that doesn’t do anything other than land where you aim it. More birds become available as you progress and each come with their own individual skill, or as better put “uses”. The blue bird can multiply into three birds, a black bird can explode upon impact or with the press of a button, and a white bird can drop explosive eggs onto structures as it flies away. Also, not only are the birds within the game different, so are the Pigs which are hiding under loose structures and random landscape objects ready to be hit. Some Pigs are smaller than other, others are large, and others wear helmets to protect themselves which make them more resistant to an attack.

Within this console addition of Angry Birds, the trilogy features the original Classic Angry Birds from 2009 which found fame on the Mac and iOS devices before it became popular on Windows Phone 7 handsets, Angry Birds Seasons from 2010 which has themed environments to bring the birds into Halloween, Christmas, and other Seasonal activities and then finally, Angry Birds RIO from 2011 based on the 20th Century Fox animated film RIO where the Angry Birds characters appear in Rio de Janeiro and interact with characters from the film across the chapters. – all of this is packaged together with visual improvements, exclusive levels for consoles and totalling more than 100hours of gameplay!

Playing Angry Birds Trilogy with Kinect is entirely optional, but the “Better with Kinect” tag is something of a misleading statement. The game with Kinect becomes less responsive, less accurate and something of an annoyance with the hand icon on screen at all times. You’ll prefer this with the controller, simple directional movements with the A button is more than sufficient enough.

Visually, the console version of the games are fantastic ports that look great in full HD, but as a colourful and basic 2D levels throughout, you can’t help but feel for a retail release this is a bit overpriced – they could have been Xbox LIVE Arcade titles individually. However, if you really want a truly addictive and painstakingly lengthy game to complete in full this is totally worth the price if you don’t own any of the mobile versions for smartphones and other devices, applications and websites…

Angry Birds Trilogy is a must own title for every Xbox 360 owner, great fun, addictive, challenging and over-the-top madness in a bright and cartoon world that will leave you hooked.

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