Anomaly Warzone Earth Out Now for 800 MS Points

Friday is a peculiar release for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, but none the less for those unaware of the surprise that awaits – Anomaly Warzone Earth is available to buy now – and we really believe that you should play the demo at least to be as surprised as we were … a real time strategy game that you can enjoy!

Who’d have thought it?

Rated 8/10 from us here at TiX:

“…Anomaly Warzone Earth is game of surprises, intensity and action packed chapters all neatly packaged for 800 MS Points ! How amazing “Woohoo Awesome” is that some of our readers might say? An enjoyable game that will undoubtedly leave you feeling it’s been money well spent – a rare cheap and cheerful gem that will lead you a stray from even your most well-played action games…”

Anomaly Warzone Earth is rated an average of 8.3 currently on N4G based on the reviews of 57 wesbites – and you can download the demo for yourself right now from the link below… go on, click and be done with it – spoil yourself.


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