Anonymous Threaten To Take Down Xbox LIVE Servers

Xbox 360

Anonymous, the global-collective hacking group has threatened to hit servers, including Xbox LIVE over the FBI take-down of MegaUpload.

Having already taken down websites that include those of the US Department of Justice and Universal Music Group, demands are now being made that if MegaUpload is not restored within 72 hours – The UN, Xbox Live, US Bank, Capital One, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube will be struck down.

Megaupload is an online Hong Kong–based company that was established in 2005 offering a one-click hosting service that was riddled with online piracy, a fault of its users and not the service provider. The site was shut down without due process by the U.S. Justice Department on January 19th, 2012 during an investigation into alleged copyright infringement. It’s worth noting that this has nothing to do with SOPA or PIPA which is a comletely separate issue.

MegaUpload says they’re going to fight back, as quoted by their lawyer Ira Rothken:

The company is looking at its legal options for getting back its servers and its domain and getting its servers back up online. Megaupload will vigorously defend itself. It is really offensive to say that just because people can upload bad things, therefore Megaupload is automatically responsible.

Anonymous have kick started a campaign dubbed #OpMegaUpload to get the service restored with retaliation attacks set to take place over the new few days. If you sign into Xbox LIVE and it’s not available – you know why !!

We are unaware of how Microsoft are dealing with the threat.

Source: WeBPro  & [Thanks to Daniel .S for the Tip]

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  1. You should probably cite the threat…

  2. Im glad anonymous are doing this! the US government thinks that they own the internet when they don't!

  3. The video is now included from Anonymous

  4. Any other citations? Perhaps Anonops or another source with more than 1 day of activity and nothing else?

  5. You’re glad they’re hacking legit sites because the FBI shut down a site that was actually committing crime by its legal definition, which had servers residing INSIDE the United States? All common sense has apparently gone out the window, might as well blow it all up at this point!

  6. The site itself was not doing anything. The users were. Megaupload deletes copyrighted material, and bans people who upload them just like the rest. I can name dozens of files hosting sites that are riddled with copyright infringing material that aren't taken down. Megaupload got taken down because of it's users, not for commiting a crime.

  7. They are doing it because Megauploads site was taken down without trial. Isn't it suppose to be Innocent until proven guilty? It was also right after the SOPA blackout so it seems like a retaliation by the governement. If they can just take down a website because they think its bad, what kind of power will they have if SOPA passes.

  8. fuck yeah!!!!

    +10 Anonymous

  9. Am I the only person who feels that anonymous' ddos attacks are an unimpressive method of "taking down" these sites? If they were truly experts then shouldn't they be able to do a lot more damage?

  10. Well after they FAILED to bring down FaceBook on November 5th 2011 I lost my faith in Anon. :/

  11. We are unaware of how Microsoft are dealing with the threat.

    Should be "…Microsoft is dealing…." or

    "…how Microsoft is going to deal…"

  12. >Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

    Those sites are anti SOPA you cunts.
    >"If you don't do what i say i will kill my allies!"
    Damn, this is the best plan ever.

  13. Sooooo…because the US Government took down an unrelated, private website, Anonymous will bring down Xbox Live?!!!! That's like punching a complete stranger because your wife sleeps with your friend – ie, ridiculous. Not that Anonymous' behaviour isn't generally ethically flawed, but this is a stretch even for them.

  14. SO many tools here defending ANON. I don't support SOPA but get ready for increased data caps and rights restricted.

    Those with power will always fear others with power. Be it more or less. Sooner or later hacking will become so damn punishable.

    In the end the users (you and me) are going to get straight $#%#% by regulations. You can only hide behind a computer screen for so long.

  15. excuse me, but why take down xbox live when it is not owned by the government, nor is related to any form of law enforcement? just some computer corperation that is very famous.

  16. another thing. why bother us gamers? all if not, then the majority of us gamers pretty much are agsint sopa/pipa. you already got so much hate over your attack on psn. if you struck xbox live, you will have all the hate in the world.

  17. It has to be a bluff. Anon stopped their last attack against the PSN servers because they realized they were only hurting the people who play their games. So why would they punish us, the people they claim to defend, again by hacking the PSN and Xbox LIVE servers?

  18. This is fake. There is no #opglobalblackout, check the uploader, 2 days old 1 video, hardly a credible source and it's the only one out there.

    Anyone can claim to be annon, that's just one individual throwing names, taking down sites not connected with the issue at hand isn't their style.

    Delete this,check your facts, reword what you need to, and if it's even news worthy, try again.

    If you want a more accurate news feed, copy/paste this everywhere this "news" story comes up.

  19. Megauploadに関しては残念すぎますね


  20. Oh Anonymous why…

  21. OHH HELL NO . I WILL FIND YOU IF YOU EVEN TOUCH MY SHIT. Believe me when i tell you ill find one of your lil fagboys and make THE BIGGEST example of him.

  22. thats the greatness of the newest law that passed right under our feet while we all protested SOPA and PIPA and that law is called NDAA research it will blow your mind

  23. fuck you anonymous. limewire was shutdown for the same reason and you have to pay for it. the owners of megaupload will have to charge ppl to use it.

  24. Why do people think this is good? Hackers are so annoying and gay. Why ruin everyone elses fun. I hope these pricks get caught and locked up…

  25. I Love Anonymous!! they do what's right for the people!

  26. its about f**ken time a war that anyone can join, F**ck the us gov and their rules about online piracy (Anonymous you have my blessing) the world should stand up and fight as one. the internet is all we have to educate our self. (Fight The Power)

  27. Anonymous Did not conform this and the op is OpMegaupload.

  28. Noobs > Anonymous

  29. We are NOT taking down any websites, this is not what Anonymous stand for! All updates can be found on the official Anonops Twitter and Blog.

    All Anonymous operations will have a REAL person wearing one of our Guy Fawkes masks. They will also talk in a real voice, not this stupid Microsoft Sam crap!

    We are Anonymous
    We are Legion
    We do not Forgive
    We do not Forget
    Expect us – Always

  30. I dont see why anon are attacking these sites though. most of these sites users dont agree with SOPA. attacking those who actually agree with a vast majority of there causes, such as when they shut down westboro baptist church site. i agreed with that. but this is just going to make them loose supporters.

  31. we are the heros

  32. They are hacking sites that AGREED AND SUPPORT S.O.P.A so thats why. :/

  33. Anon wasn't behind that….

  34. Funny enough, a LOT of traffic goes through USA and they DO "own" a big part of the internet. But the USA are still wrong by taking down MegaUpload

  35. Too cute.

  36. Congrats, you figured out anonymous!

  37. Blog with regular upadates about situation and attacks :

  38. And I'm not being sarcastic.

  39. Anonymous Who Cares Megaupload had loads of movies videos and programs which you needed to buy they were in the wrong what you need to do is demand that weed is legal in the us and united kingdom we all know the government just want us to buy there rubbish pills so they can make money that is wrong weed is 100% safe Please think about what i just said and do it

  40. Good thing Im not a US citizen

  41. I actually want them to down Xbox Live.. Imagine what they'd give us for staying on Xbox, as it's down WHILE i have Xbox Live gold.. Anyways, i don't really use my Xbox alot..
    Also, i doubt anon will be able to hack xbox servers.
    Also, if you can anon, YOU ARE AWESOME BEST OF LUCK

  42. anonymous ain't goona do shit sorry your LOIC ain't goona do it ViRuZMaFiA^

  43. THIS IS FAKE. Anonymous are not stupid enough to believe that anything they could do could take down websites as massive as twitter, facebook and youtube. Websites that are designed to have millions of users aren't going down unless the actual servers were destroyed, and even that is near impossible due to the masses of back-ups those 3 websites have. Just look at that video! That is not an anonymous message and this is painfully fake news.
    PS: @Theoneyouhate That wasn't anonymous who started that operation, it was a hoax, like I said before, they would not organize a raid that was very obviously impossible.

  44. Yeah, they're really getting back at the U.S. government by shutting down XBox live. Piss off you moron.

  45. Everyone that believes this is so clueless, Anonymous is an idea. The people you are talking about go by the name of "AnonOps" and a lot of the times they don't go by what is said about them because they never even said it..someone pretending to be them did, so at least cite the source, because other than a couple of true facts, I just see lies..and like I stated before, how can an idea take down a server?

  46. Annnnnnnd how does shutting down sites like Youtube and Facebook help, especially when the owners of both those sites openly oppose SOPA/PIPA, which would increase takedowns like MegaUpload? I agree with Anon's decision to shut down all the .gov sites like they did a few days ago (even if it might have been a bit unwise, cuz of the public perception of it), but this is ridiculous.

  47. Agreed. This very much seems like a govt attempt to scare us. You know, right after the SOPA/PIPA protest, they basically give us the message of "FUCK YOU! We don't even NEED SOPA/PIPA to do what we want! So you better stay in line!" You know what i mean?

  48. I agree with you about hacking legal sites: It's stupid. Those sites did nothing wrong. However, A) MegaUpload is not the criminal, its users who were posting copyrighted content are. B) MegaUpload actively deleted any copyrighted content found, so they were doing their part more than what many other similar sites were doing, and yet they're the only one knocked out. C) At best, this is an example of the govt's laziness. Instead of going after the individual users posting copyrighted content (like they should have been since the beginning), they just put a blanket charge on the site's owners, even though they've done nothing wrong. Imagine being a restaurant manager and getting arrested for employing illegal immigrants, even though you've avoided it to the best of your ability and fired them when you found out they were? That's essentially what this is like.

  49. go anonymous ………………………

  50. anonymous are a bunch of overweight virgins living in there mums basements. oh wow they can take down websites no one cares. they obviously have to much time on there hands and have nothing else better to do. they seriously need to get laid and get outside and breathe in that fresh air instead of being behind a computer screen.

  51. lol u suck. Anonymous are just a bunch of pussys.

  52. noob no one cares wat u think

  53. if Anonymous want their voice to be heard they don't want to take down anyone servers people want. take down anything promoting; SOPA, PIPA and ACTA

  54. If Anonymous takes down xboxLIVE or YouTube, they no longer have my support. They can take down any and all websites except those two and still have my full support.

  55. gazzy… the government technically does own it they were the original creators but i somewhat support but i dont whats the point in attacking XBL? plus XBL has some of the best technicians in the world working in case of hackers. also i bet their computers use microsoft, if they take down XBL that will comprimise microsoft, and might cause microsoft to take down their networks

  56. You punk ass idiots need to get over it your saying anonymous has no lives yet your on the Internet complaining about your precious xbox live like a bunch of 10 year olds so grow up and let them do what they have to do

  57. Thats crazy I hope that SOPA and PIPA pass so they can fuck theres hackers and get rid of scam sites on the web, child porn etc.
    I support SOPA and PIPA!

  58. Fuck Anonymous these people suck, they bring down X-box live and alotta people will hate them. I swear to God if I find one of these douchebag hackers…

  59. Xbox is down right now…

  60. Lol your clearly the virgin, searching for things that deal with anonymous just to get your feelings out. why don't you learn what outside actually is instead of talking about it. Anonymous is trying to prevent things that the government is doing, as in taking away many things on the internet. Do you like facebook? if so then you should be on their side because if the bills go through then say bye bye to facebook and hi to some stupid site that is created by the government for their own personal gain.

  61. lol if you "find one" good luck if you can find one then the gov can defiantly find one, and since they cant i highly doubt you can even guess where one of them would be.

  62. Thats the truth

  63. Anon SUCKS! Fuckin assholes -.-

  64. This is f?$&@ng retarded taking down Xbox is taking down supporters. How can such smart ppl be so dumb. Most people outside us hate is government. Making laws and regulations to make shit easier for them selves. Typical fat Americans. Now Ammon has put them self in same category. Attacking the easier sites cause they can't get the right ones. Hit the banks the defense force the high level gov. But leave the masses alone. We don't care about your agenda we just want to go to work come home and be able to do what we do. But u fucked us all.

  65. Look when this was posted. Never happened and never will happen.

  66. I agree…this will never happen… it's just when Xbox LIVE goes down for any reason this page seems to get a lot of hits.

    Maybe they even tried once or twice – who knows, but Anonymous seem to mostly talk about politics and unless Microsoft heavily support's something that is morally, publicly wrong – I can't see them ever doing anything…

  67. Its fuked up what they did to megaupload but hacking xbox servers is a ton of bullshit. Seriously I know theyre trying to do good but this goes beyond theyre knowledge and this is something they shouldn't be getting into.

  68. Screw you a holes! I jsut wanted to get on xbox live and kill stuff with my buddies and now I can't cause you have a political stick up your ass! Go mess with something else and leave xbox live alone.

  69. Yay xbox live is getting hacked 🙂 playstation network is much better lol. Email me: if you want 2 send me a hate message lol.

  70. Anonymous are just a bunch of cowardly keyboard warriors who hide behind the safety of a PC screen because their Mommy's never gave them enough hugs when they were 3; now, aged 13, they take it out on others because they're all armchair lawyers giving their weird uncle Steven a blowjob; I bet if someone they know got murdered all of a sudden they'd act by the law a lot more.
    I piss myself laughing everytime one of them gets arrested; they're probably crying in their prison cells….why not hack the door hmm; retards.
    Funny how when they get to court every one of them has Aspergers too, I have Aspergers but I don't act like a twat and take it out on everyone because IRL they're nothing more than bully victims who deserve every beating they get from their special needs school.
    I say bust them on everything you can, not just piracy or hacking, but returning a colouring book to the library a day late.
    Us law abiding Americans will love it when these homophobic wankers all start crying in the pits of Hell.

  71. Just for the note, XBL do NOT have some of the best technicians in the world, they have extremely mediocre technicians. Hence why they're so far behind every other company. You'd think being property of Microsoft would make some sort of difference.
    Plus, this is good. Anonymous aren't a 'bunch of pussies' as a lot of people are putting… As they have shown, they CAN do damage and they ARE a threat.

    Just because a few of you can't get online to play CoD and cry when you die 50 million times, don't moan about the reason. This isn't just a prank, this is for a higher cause.

  72. xbox is down but i am glad what the people are doing to get back
    Megauplaupload, i also want back tv shack i hope some get the 2 sits back!

  73. Another fag that wants weed legalized. Go to somewhere that it is legal and stop complaining about our government you lazy prick

  74. So when our government falls, what do you expect us to do after? Live with the chaos? Or are you saying that 'once you over throw the government' you will then try to control the chaos to make it tolerable for all, as in, a way of keeping order? Well, if you dont want complete chaos, then theres no way to completely take government out. Nice try though :3

  75. Leave Xbox Live the fuck alone

  76. Fuck Anonymous , They are a bunch of weak ass nerds who spend their lives on the damn internet, See I could care less if xbox goes down forever how ever I do believe they should not be attacking it for doing nothing wrong, Anonymous could not do shit if I were to Hitman their families… Even though thats highly unlikely lol

  77. this is old but to the Gazzy_2k7 comment your a dumbass first off they shut down a illegal site you bum. get a job and go pay for a movie. 2nd alot of people have credit cards on xbox live prolly you too which means good by to over the millions of people money that is in xbox. 3rd if that were to happen they you my friend wouldnt have the right to speak your dumbass ignorant op. on sites anymore cause they would be shut down as well to solve further hacking problems.

  78. only took them a year….

  79. xbox was one of the main leaders in the operation to shut down mega upload because they were letting people download copyrighted things

  80. Necropost? 😛

    Anyway, MegaUpload wasn’t “letting” people host and download copyrighted things. People were breaking MU’s terms of service by doing that. It’s not their fault. They can only enforce it so much.

  81. Even I hate the government…As much as the anonymous do..But man…EVEN XBOX LIVE SERVERS!!!THIS IS BULLSHIT!

  82. I play on my friends Xbox live account, and…. he can’t get on anymore, these fuckers is why people can never have nice things, it’s fucking stupid that one website gets taken down and they have to be bitches and ruin everything else for everyone, I don’t see how in anyway pissing off thousands of people is a good thing, it’s total fucking bullshit, I never cared too much for them but they can fucking burn in hell for all I care, every single last one of them can.

  83. You guys should hack Xbox and Nintendo if mega upload oped

  84. If they’re going to take down all these sites that oppose SOPA/PIPA, they might as well take down Wikipedia, because that opposes SOPA/PIPA as well.

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