Another Next-Gen Xbox leak?

As dusk fell on the 19th November 2012 suddenly the internet came alive with  (more) rumors of  the Next-Gen console  from Microsoft. This time Xbox World, a UK based Magazine, have published one hell of a feature claiming to know more than us thanks to ‘industry experts’ and ‘Microsoft’s own leaky boat’.

We all love a good rumor, but what if this isn’t a rumor? Xbox World listed the following as key features of the next console;

  • Hardware may include four hardware cores, 8GB of RAM, four USB spots, and a removable hard drive.
  • A Kinect 2.0 may detect subtle finger movements and track up to four players in a single room.
  • Augmented reality glasses could work with Kinect to create virtual reality in your living room.
  • 3D sound to project audio to specific parts of a room.
  • Microsoft may finally embrace Blu-ray in its next Xbox.
  • Rumors hint at a traditional Xbox controller, but with a touch screen or programmable buttons.
  • Microsoft may try to build its own cloud gaming service, similar to OnLive and the Sony-owned Gaikai.

Let’s just remember one thing, Xbox World will cease publishing in February 2013… I will leave it to you to now decide just how much faith you place in their report. For me, well this is all just speculation and rumor.

Source – CNET.

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