Atlus Finally Give Some Persona 4: Arena EU News

Atlus Finally Give Some Persona 4: Arena EU News

Persona 4 - Arena Logo 2

Persona or Shin Megami Tensai as it’s known in Japan, is a very well known RPG series from the days of the PlayStation 2. When news broke of a fighting game based on the series being made, people were very skeptical. However, Atlus are the team behind this fighting game and they already received much praise for the brilliant King of Fighters XIII. Long story short, the game was released in August of 2012 and received much praise from the majority of the critics. So what’s the issue?

Although the game was given rave reviews around Japan and North America, it had not been released in Europe due to licensing issues. Five months later and we finally have some news courtesy of Persona Europe’s Facebook page.

Persona 4 - Arena EU release Facebook update

Well, in a word…progress. But is it too little too late for this fresh fighting game?