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Alexander Hinkley

Alexander Hinkley founded his own indie games developer in 2006 called Penguin Run Games. As someone who has had an Xbox 360 since launch, he joins the writing team as an XBLIG Reviewer.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the latest entry in the long-standing Dynasty Warriors series from Tecmo KOEI. Some people have criticized Dynasty Warriors as just being the “same old thing” year after year but as veteran fans of the franchise will tell you, each title has its own unique feel to it and slightly different features, […]

XBLIG Review – End of Days: Survivor

End of Days: Survivor is an Xbox LIVE Indie game by Sick Kreations modeled after the zombies game mode from Treyarch’s Call of Duty games. It is a first person shooter and the object of the game is to survive wave after wave of zombies until a helicopter comes to rescue you. There may be […]

XBLIG Review: Little Racers STREET

Little Racers STREET is an indie racing game developed by Milkstone Studios. It is very well made and ranks among the most fun games on the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace. Little Racers STREET is played from a top down perspective rather than directly behind or inside the vehicle. This makes the cars look pretty small […]

XBLIG Review: Obsessive Collecting Disorder

Obsessive Collecting Disorder is a 2D platforming game developed by Super Smith Bros. The concept is a parody of the ridiculous collection-based “achievements” found in so many other video games. For such a simple indie game, it is highly addictive and very fun.

XBLIG Review: Infinity Danger

Infinity Danger from Milkstone Studios is a “bullet hell” type shoot ‘em up with a twist – there are no levels! Rather than playing through stages and facing off against a boss at the end, you simply run a gauntlet of boss fight after boss fight.

XBLIG Review: Take Arms

Take Arms is a 2D military shooter developed by Discord Games. It is a game with decent graphics and a lot of potential, but falls short due to the lack of other players online and some frustrating controls.

XBLIG Review: Life in the Dorms

Life in the Dorms is a point-and-click adventure game on the Xbox LIVE Indie Channel developed by Moment Games. Unfortunately, the game is not about binge drinking and wet t-shirt contests as you might suspect from a video game about college life (guess I’ll have to stick to the Van Wilder movies for that) but rather […]

XBLIG Review: EvilQuest

EvilQuest is an indie action RPG developed by Chaosoft Games which gives gamers the rare opportunity to actually play a game from the bad guy’s perspective. Despite sometimes feeling bad for the senseless murders you commit throughout the course of the game, it is surprisingly fun to play as a feared evil warlord.

XBLIG Review: Christmas Carnage

Christmas Carnage is a new XBLIG developed by Bandana Games. It is a twin-stick shooter where players take on the role of a fairy that must discover the true meaning of the holiday season by destroying “everything that is rubbish about Christmas.”

XBLIG Review: Red Invasion Tower Defense

Red Invasion Tower Defense from Milkstone Studios is surprisingly one of the few good tower defense games on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel. It feels a lot like an old Command & Conquer game (which is a good thing) and even has music reminiscent of C&C: Red Alert.