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Member of the TiX team, borderline obsessive gamer and mocker of motion control. Published Freelance Journalist with work in print and online....can often be found on Xbox LIVE as "BaseAllstar" , will also often be heard calling for a medic....Northern monkey boy living in Cornwall....Looking forward to Halo 4, the next gen of consoles and something to drag me away from Football Manager....Pleased to meet you.

WRC 3 Review

Milestone’s latest, WRC  3, is a game in a difficult place. It’s not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination and if anything actually kept me highly entertained for a good long while. It’s just that during that long while I was constantly comparing it to that king of the rally genre, DIRT.

And sadly for WRC it’s a comparison that does it no favours.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review

You don’t have to walk far down the dusty corridors of gaming’s recent past to stumble upon a time when fans of the video-game take on football had a wealth of choice at their feet.

It seems almost ironic that at a time when kids got their football fix from venturing into the great outdoors and kicking one about there were football games all over the place and now when more seem to shun the real thing in favour of its pixelated brother there are but two options.

And here I am about to embrace one that played a big part in my, and many other gamers distant past.

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FIFA 13 Review

When we finally come to draw the curtains on this most magnificent of console generations there can be no doubt a handful of games will remain synonymous with it.

Some exploded, bursting from the shadows into the forefront of our collective consciousness, Gears of War, Mass Effect. Others assaulted our senses and dragged us into the dazzling light of the HD future, Halo3, Bioshock. And some simply held the gaming world at their feet, a world eager to grab every release and pour their heart and souls into it, games like Call of Duty, like Battlefield and of course, like FIFA.

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NHL 13 Review

NHL 13 then, this one could be interesting. The game and the review I mean.

Let’s face it, growing up as I did amidst the landscape of the industrial North of England where it rained a whole lot more than it snowed and Ice rinks were the domain of namby pamby kids that wanted to pirouette and twirl rather than get the hockey sticks out, it’s fair to say ice hockey is a sport that has never been a part of the masterplan for me.

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Sleeping Dogs Review

Sleeping Dogs is a sprawling open world, sandbox ‘cop ‘em up’ that takes place amid the neon lit underbelly of downtown Hong Kong and places gamers into kung-fu shoes of sociopathic police officer, Wei Shen.

Sleeping Dogs is also a game that plays exactly as I anticipated it would weeks before I even had the shining disc in my clutches. Unfortunately the only fresh thing brought to this table, is the cranium of the latest bad guy, remorselessly pummelled into the rapidly splintering piece of dining furniture by our very own Mr. Shen.

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Summer of Arcade 2012: Deadlight Review

If ever there was a decade that was crying out for a zombie apocalypse, end of days scenario, it was the 80’s.

I lived through this dayglo, shoulder pad infested era and remember it with a shudder.

The charts were infested with a brand of big toothed, cheesy pop music that seemed to have been brewed by Satan himself, everybody loved good ‘Neighbours’, yuppies crawled from their penthouse flats, ‘loadsamoney’ was spawned and, even outside of Liverpool, men had permed hair.

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The Art of Assassin’s Creed III Hitting Bookshelves This October

Titan Books, a publishing company with strong ties to the video game industry and a wonderful back catalogue of top notch releases have acquired the rights to bring ‘The Art of Assassin’s Creed III’ to the masses this coming October.

The book will be a celebration of the latest instalment in the AC series of games and will be packed with never before seen concept art and accompanying commentary from the artists’ involved. This exclusive hardback aims to explore the vision and development of the sure-fire blockbuster release, Assassin’s Creed III.

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Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

I need to make an admission. It’s an admission that I’m afraid will do nothing but enhance my current level of nerdosity in the eyes of my friends, colleagues and peers (my family already know the score.)

Ahem……I’m a big fan of all things mysterious.

There, I said it. UFO’s, Nessie, Yeti’s, Bigfeet (that is the plural of Bigfoot isn’t it?), Beasts of Bodmin and other remote moorlands, ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, the successful career of Keanu Reeves, Wayne Rooney’s hairdo, the allure of plain crisps and Lego.

Yes, Lego.

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