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Lollipop Chainsaw Review

Suda51 is back and this time he’s bringing the severed limbs, decapitations, blood splattered walls and the 18 year old chainsaw wielding cheerleader we all know and love from that classic genre known as ‘the zombie game.’

Yes, you heard me right, I did say ‘18 year old chainsaw wielding cheerleader.’

For now we have a new heroine in our lives, she goes by the name of Juliet Starling and loves nothing more than ripping through the zombie hordes with her heart adorned pink chainsaw and a lethal one-two from the pom-poms.

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Bang Bang Racing Review

Bang Bang Racing is a game that’s sure to tweak the nostalgia lobes. Each generation of gamers seem to have a similar little gem stored away. For some they’ll travel back to the time of the Micro Machine and the joy of racing along a kitchen worktop or pool table or,  if you’re slightly older, like myself, the top down racing genre brings memories of the magnificent Super Sprint flooding back.

And when memories as rich as those come pouring in it’s with undiluted excitement that I approach this Digital Reality and Playbox release for the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

But, as I remove the drivers helmet and walk shoulders slumped from the pit lane of Bang Bang Racing the only feelings washing over me are ones of disappointment and regret.

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Dragon’s Dogma Review

Getting in on the open world RPG action scene and staking a claim as being a serious contender got a whole lot more tricky after the release of gargantuan unit shifter ‘Skyrim.’

Here we had a game that raised the bar to never before seen levels of scope and polish making everything that had gone before seem distinctly paper thin and puddle deep by comparison.

But, always up for a challenge, Capcom bring us Dragons Dogma and they’re hoping to take a hearty bite from the RPG pie.

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SBK Generations Review

The video game racer is a genre that has always left me a little cold.

A worrying statement you may think from someone about to embark on the writing of a review for newly released 2-wheeled throttle buster, SBK Generations.

But fear not dear reader, as although it’s true that I’ve never truly felt the surge of excitement that I’m sure so many others enjoy as they drool over hi-octane videos of the latest Forza game I do still have a particular love for something equally important. Good video games.

Irrelevant of my preferences I’m always partial to a good video game and so with that in mind I plunged myself deep into the innards of this years only bike racing title to seek out the goodness within.

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MW3 Content Collection 2 Review

“Activision Ambassador with these content collections you’re really spoiling us.”

And with Modern Warfare 3’s 2nd instalment of extra maps and goodies due to arrive on May 22nd, the good folk at Activision really are spoiling us.

A whole bundle of Warfare goodness will soon be in our mitts. 3 standard multiplayer maps, 2 spanking new Spec Ops missions and 4 smaller maps for the all new Face-Off game mode make up what is without doubt a veritable feast for avid ‘Codders’ to get their teeth into.

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FIFA12: UEFA Euro 2012 Review

As I write this a mere two days after the curtain finally fell on what was quite possibly the most thrilling end to a domestic season our English league has ever witnessed normally I’d be feeling a tad deflated. As a devotee of the beautiful game, the summer drought spent fervently scanning Sky Sports News for a crumb of transfer rumour or reliving magical nights like Istanbul 2005 on the DVD player isn’t one that fills me any particular joy.

It’s fair to say that for a lot of footie fans time never drags quite like it does between June and August.

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Fable Heroes Review

Fable first came into our lives way back in 2004. It brought with it some refreshing and innovative ideas on how to pump some vigour into the veins of the age old RPG genre, it also sadly never quite managed to deliver the experience you felt the developers so badly wanted it to. The original Xbox never held the power to bring the vision fully to life and even the vastly superior 360 has still seemed to fall short.

Fable is still a success story for Lionhead studios of course but the games have always, at least on a personal level, felt way too shallow and throwaway to compete with the true big hitters of the action/RPG stable. They reached for the stars but ended hanging precariously from the guttering wondering what went wrong.

So then, how about if  ‘shallow‘ and ‘throwaway‘ are the order of the day? What if Lionhead released a game that wouldn’t look out of place airing on the CBeebies channel alongside Iggle Piggle and Mr Tumble? If the goalposts were widened and the ambition narrowed could a Fable game finally find the back of the net?

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Skullgirls Review

The 2D fighter has been a part of the staple diet of gaming since those days when arcades were still a relevant and integral part of the school dinner hour for hordes of young gamers.

Personally I was never a particularly big fan. Sure, on occasion you could find me popping ten pence pieces into a fighter but by and large it’s been a genre I’ve been happy to dip a toe into without ever truly taking the plunge.

Having said that, fear not good readers, as armed with an open mind and a ridiculously short skirt I’m ready to tackle Skullgirls, the new eye candy beat-em-up from the minds of the Reverge Labs team, to see if it has a punch to stagger the heavyweights or it’s still trying to get the top off the ketchup.

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Prototype 2 Review

Prototype 2 is a tale of revenge.

One man’s payback for the death of his wife and daughter.

Set against the backdrop of a virus-ridden city, iron fisted soldiers and super mutants.

On paper it sounds like the stuff of legend so why then does Prototype 2 never quite reach the dizzying heights of it’s own potential?

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