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Party Hard review

In Party Hard, you play as someone who is really tired of the neighbors having loud parties. Instead of calling the police, you decide it’s a better idea to kill everyone – using your faithful knife and the environment. The tactical strategy follows a series of killings at parties through-ought the USA.

Fallout 4 mods coming to Xbox One this May

Many inhabitants of Fallout 4’s Wasteland have been waiting patiently for the promised PC mod support to arrive. However, the wait is nearly over as Bethesda announce mod support will arrive in May, 2016, for Xbox One gamers. For more information on how mods will change how you play Fallout 4, check out the post on the Bethesda website. They also included the following video, showcasing the ...

Respawn Entertainment release Titanfall 2 teaser trailer

Respawn Entertainment have released a brand new teaser trailer for their highly anticipated Titanfall 2. As announced in the trailer, expect more information regarding Titanfall 2 on June 12, 2016, at the EA Play 2016 event. Titanfall 2 is currently slated to release on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 by April, 2017.



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Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek review

Artifex Mundi have returned after the release of their rather excellent Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink, with another hidden-object puzzle game, Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek. A terrible storm has ripped through the quiet Vermont town, Maple Creek, and you find yourself outside the town, trying to remember why you were brought there in the first place. Your body remembers, but your mind c...

New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst City and Narrative video released

EA’s latest developer diary video has us discover how DICE tackled Faith’s story, the city’s architectural design, and the factions which roam within the city of Glass in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. First focusing on how they developed Faith’s iconic look from the original Mirror’s Edge, and how DICE took inspiration from the comics, they discuss how her hard-edged ...

Incursions and more coming to The Division in April

During a special stream, Ubisoft and Massive announced the first free DLC, Insursions, and some new features coming in the April update. In the first of two free expansion for The Division, Incursions adds a new endgame activity specifically designed for squads, and rewards players which are triumphant with some all important high-end loot. The first Incursion, titled Falcon Lost (which now appear...



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Teslagrad review

Ever wondered how it would feel to hold the power of electricity in your hands? Yes? Well, Teslagrad gives you this power, and much much more… Taking control of a young boy, tasked with discovering what lies behind the walls of a treacherous tower, and unravel the mystery behind a king who ruled with an iron fist. As the name may suggest, Teslagrad allows you to take control of electromagnet...

New gear, and a few old favourites, coming in the Destiny April update

Last week, Bungie announced the new content coming with the April update, due to launch on April 12, 2016. However, what good is new content without new gear? In the latest April update reveal, Bungie announced all of the new armour and weapons which will be available to help Guardians reach the new light level cap of 335. Starting with new armour, there are now new sets for each class type for ea...

New activities, light level, and more coming in Destiny’s April update

As was announced in their last weekly briefing, Bungie are releasing the next big update to Destiny on April 12, 2016. In the first of three special reveal streams, Community Manager Deej gave eager Guardians some insight into what they can expect with this update. With Oryx dead a new Taken threat has appeared, Malok, and once again it’s up to the Guardians to defeat him. This time, however...

Bungie announce Destiny 2.2.0 update

In their weekly briefing, This Week at Bungie, it was announced that a much needed content update is coming to Destiny on April 12, 2016. Featuring new PvE content, an increase to the maximum light level, new gear, Crucible changes, and more, the update comes at a time where many Destiny fans are growing weary over the current lack of content. As what has become a tradition for Bungie, there will ...




Everyone at some point in their lives imagined their favourite toy, racing through their bedroom, jumping over obstacles and avoiding the lava floor. RageSquid have brought that childhood fantasy to life in their latest title, Action Henk. Players are tasked with running, butt-sliding, and jumping their way through a multitude of increasingly difficult levels, to prove that Action Henk is the top ...

New multiplayer trailer released for Trackmania Turbo

Ubisoft have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming arcade racer, Trackmania Turbo, introducing players to the multiplayer option which will be available. One of the multiplayer modes which has been announced is the innovative Double Driver mode where two players control a single car to try and achieve the fastest time possible. Trackmania Turbo is set to release on Xbox One and PC on Mar...