Damien Ashley



Butcher review

Butcher is essentially a fast based 2D side scrolling bullet hell shooter from Transhuman Design and published by Crunching Koalas. Originally released on the PC last October, Butcher is a very hard game; indeed the games’ own tagline is ‘The Easiest Mode is Hard’. Beyond that is ‘Harder’, ‘Hardest’ and then ‘Impossible’. So is it really as difficult as it seems? You are a cyborg charged wit...



Kona review

The year is 1970. Set in Quebec in Northern Canada, Kona sees you as Private Investigator Carl Foubert, driving to meet his client at the nearby general store to investigate a case of vandalism. Events take a sudden turn for the worse. You swerve off the road to avoid an oncoming car. Coming round from the crash, a blizzard has quickly taken hold, transforming the landscape with a thick blanket of...