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Destiny: The Dark Below Launch Trailer

Bungie have just released the launch trailer for the first piece of Destiny DLC, The Dark Below.

Due to release on December 9, The Dark Below will feature new weapons, armour and gear, plus new story missions, three new Crucible multiplayer arenas, and co-op challenges – including a new Strike and brand-new six-player Raid.

You can see the Launch Trailer here:


What would make the ultimate gaming room?

xbox one xbox 360

Many of us make do with what we have in terms of where we game. The majority of gamers probably use their living room TV and sofa to do their gaming on, and some of us may have a spare room that we can use. But those rooms will usually serve other purposes too, especially if you live with other people.

For most of us it’s pure fantasy to have a space that is completely dedicated to gaming, but if you played the lottery and happened to land the jackpot, you’d be able to create the perfect gaming room – along with fulfilling all kinds of other dreams, of course!

So what would you include in your ultimate gaming room? For a start, you might move to a bigger home, where you’d have enough space to include a gaming heaven. Then, you could get a team in to install sufficient sockets (you can never have enough), custom-built surface space to accommodate your consoles and computers, as well as special tinting on the windows so you wouldn’t get any glare on the screen, and UV wouldn’t damage any of your gaming equipment. You’d add in some task lighting and mood lighting, so that you can give the room different ambiences depending on what mood you’re in.

Obviously comfortable gaming chairs are a must – not just for you, but also for any of your gaming buddies who come round. You’ll need built-in storage for all your accessories and discs, and other gaming paraphernalia. Then when you’ve got the room set up, then you could splash out of any of the following:

The $13,000 gaming PC from Yoyotech

IF you want perfect 4k resolution on all the 3D games that are available, choose something like the XDNA Aurum 24K, which costs 7979 GBP. There’s significance to that price tag – 79 is the chemical symbol for gold. It’s 50% more powerful than Xbox One and includes two titan graphics cards. Tested on Battlefield 4, this computer ran the game at a min 26 frames per second in 4k.

Spend $191,000 on a Cruden Hexatech racing simulator

If you enjoy driving games, why not invest in the Cruden Hexatech immersive racing simulator which costs as much as a real supercar that you can drive on the roads?  It provides all the excitement and buzz of F1 and Nascar racing without any of the danger. There’s a hydraulic tripod chassis which helps recreate the g-force effect if you were actually cornering at great velocity on a race track, and the simulator can be customised to resemble any car you choose.

Buy a Zeus platinum or gold, diamond encrusted pc

If your gaming room is all about looks rather than performance, you might think about spending out on some bling hardware. Zeus, a Japanese computer manufacturer, sells the Jupiter for $750,000. It’s a PC that is encased in solid platinum and encrusted in diamonds, set to look like an astrological constellation. Inside there’s an Intel 3GHz E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU, with 2gb of DDR2 memory and 1TB hard drive. If you feel that’s a little excessive, you can get a gold version for $500,000.

Of course, these are just a few of the most expensive pieces of gaming equipment that are out there. But before you decide how you’d kit out your ultimate gaming room, you’d better buy some lottery tickets!

The Wolf Among Us review

I’ve always enjoyed point and click adventures, all the way back to Simon the Sorcerer, there is just something about them, so it naturally I found myself drawn to the Telltale titles on the Xbox 360, I loved the Walking Dead, but missed the boat when it came to The Wolf Among Us so I was pretty pleased when they announced the game was coming to the Xbox One.

For those of you that don’t know, The Wolf Among us is a fictional Graphic Adventure based on Bill Willinghams’s Fables comic book series. Based over 5 episodes this acts a prequel to the comics so it’s a great place to start if you fancy getting into a new comic.


You play the game as Bigby Wolf, he is a reformed man after his violent past, and is now sheriff of Fabletown, he lives in apartment with Colin the pig and in the same block as Beauty, who is having a tough time of her marriage. He works near the Mayor’s Office who assistant is none other than Snow White and her magical mirror. As the story progresses you’ll encounter plenty of other fairytale characters in human form.

As you would expect from episodic content the episodes start quite slowly before building up to a blockbuster finish, this is no different. You begin the game by saving a prostitute from The Woodsman, where you take part in your first action sequence, it’s essentially a quick time event involving using the right stick to move the cursor to a certain are before pressing the button requested. They can be quite frantic and at first a little frustrating to control but they really enjoyable and keep the game interesting.


When you are not in the QTE’s you’ll be interacting with all the other characters in the game, gathering and analysing evidence, and trying to decide who has done what. You’ll make many decisions during dialogue with the different people you meet and the game will constantly remember what they were, some will have more of a significant affect on the game where as some you probably won’t notice. I also love the fact the whatever decisions I make I have no idea how they will effect the overall game. At the end of each episode get to see a summary showing you the decisions you made in that episode and how you compare to other users.

The hand drawn art style again is brilliant, as are the voice actors and musical score. The Wolf Among Us is a great game if you fancy taking on a different style of game. The chance to play through and make different choices the second time around always draws me back to the game, just to see how my decisions change the way the game plays out.

If you have already played this on the 360 there is little reason to go back again, but I can’t recommend this game enough if you haven’t.

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Far Cry 4 review

I remember buying Far Cry 2, sticking it into my Xbox 360 and lasting about 4 hours before having to turn it off, I got lost, died too often and didn’t really enjoy it, when the E3 trailers came out for Far Cry 4 I was so excited because my experience with Far Cry 3 was so good. I was looking forward to seeing what Ubisoft could do to capitalise on the success of Far Cry 3, join me as I venture to Kyrat…

The game revolves around Ajay Ghale, heading to your mother’s homeland to deliver her ashes in accordance with her dying wish. You are returning to Kyrat, deep in the Himalayas, it looks incredible except for the fact it’s completely war-torn and ran by an oppressive King called Pagan Min. There is a rebel force known as the Golden Path and they are out to stop the Kings reign. After an excellent intro to the game you end up as the person destined to lead the Golden Path to victory. A bit like on Far Cry 3 it’s a bit handy that Ajay is handy with a vast range of weapons, hard as nails and doesn’t have a fear or heights or animals straight from the off.


There are huge amounts of similarities to Far Cry 3 but thankfully enough change to keep things fresh for returning players, There is a huge amount of things to do in Kyrat, in terms of content it’s pretty impressive again. Hunting plays a huge part in the game and there is a great array of prey and various different plants, to culture into syringes for that will heal you and enhance your performance, so it’s always worth grabbing what you can. Killing and skinning animals allows you to increase the size of your wallet, ammo pouch and holster allowing you to hold up to 4 weapons at once. Out of nowhere eagles decide to cling to your face which is mildly annoying, and I’ve managed to exact my revenge yet, but I will. While some animals can help you holster weapons, some animals can be used *as* weapons, like the elephant. Once you can unlock the skill, you’ll be able to do cool things like this:

There is plenty of weaponry to make use of, from assault rifles, flamethrowers, Sniper rifles and even just a bow and arrow, great for when you decide to be a bit more stealthy. The best time for stealth is during the outpost liberations, there is something about sneaking around a camp, spotting enemies with your camera before entering unnoticed, disabling the alarm, snapping a few necks and claiming the camp for my own. To be fair though it’s just as much fun tempt a rhino to charge the camp and attach some C4 to it…
Moving round Kyrat is easy as there are so many forms of transport. Car, Van, Boat, & Glider are just a few of the ways to get about my favourite has to be the buzzer, a makeshift helicopter that can get you about the region pretty quickly. Driving is pretty hairy but there is something fun about it. You can now click on the left stick and let the computer drive while you shoot enemies you may come across, as you liberate camps you’ll create lots of opportunities to fast travel too. If you decide to ramble around you’ll end up making use of your grappling hook to get you up to higher ledges.


Pagan Min makes use of radio towers to broadcast his political message across Kyrat and as a freedom fighter you can’t be having any of that, so there are plenty of towers to climb, once you reach the top you can hijack the broadcast and also unlock my areas of the map. As you would expect the map is huge so there is plenty to explore. There are caves to discover, propaganda posters and even diary entries that allow Ajay to discover more about his father. You could argue there is almost too much to do because you could easily find yourself overwhelmed.
The Golden Path is co-lead by Amita and Sabal who want to take the direction of the group in opposite directions. Amita values progress over tradition whereas Sabal want to shun tradition for progress, Ajay will often go to missions with the choice to side with A&S. Ultimately it doesn’t make a huge difference to game but you’ll upset one of the two no matter what, it’s fun to watch them both ultimately fight for the same thing in their own ways. I really enjoyed the campaign, there were a good mix of characters and the missions were fun too, if you played Far Cry 3 there is one mission in 4 that will remind you of once of the previous games best levels.

Far Cry 4 boasts a multiplayer mode that allows you to play 5 on 5 within closed off sections of Kyrat, there are 3 game modes, Outpost, Demon Mask and Propaganda, they are all quite good fun to play but the game would have been fine without multiplayer to be honest. There is a map editor which lets you generator your own maps, it’s very clever but you’ll need some patience to create a good map.


What is exciting is the Far Cry 4’s co-op, if you decide to play the campaign online, your friends can jump in at any time and help you out, when they enter your game or vice versa you bring all of your skills and weapons across with you. There are fortresses around Kyrat that are very difficult to defeat alone unless you play through lots of the campaign or go for it with a partner.
The game looks great and I love the location, at first I felt that it all felt too much like Far Cry 3, but despite all of it similarities Far Cry 4 does a great job of holding its own. This is definitely a must buy.

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Worms Battlegrounds DLC announced

Have you picked up your free copy of Worms Battleground from Games with Gold yet? Awesome, well Team 17 have just announced a new expansion that is available now!

The Alien Invasion pack is available to download now for Xbox One via the Xbox Games Store for just £3.99 / $4.99 / 4,99 € with a 20% discount available for Xbox Live Gold members.

The Worms Battlegrounds Alien Invasion DLC features an all new Bodycount game mode in which you pick your two favourite classes of worm and play as FIB agents fighting off wave after wave of Alien, there are also 10 new Deathmatch missions where you’ll take control of the Alien Invaders and fight against those pesky invertebrate FIB agents who are hunting you down and trying to destroy your UFO.

Extra treats include

5 Alien themed hats
5 Alien themed gravestones
2 Alien themed speechbanks
& 5 re-imagined weapons to use in the Alien Invasions modes. Battle with the Plasma Blaster, Energy Orb, Ray Gun, Brightsaber and Precision Droid. Plus watch as all strike weapons are now dropped by a UFO. Achievement hunters can also work to grab the extra 5 achievements available.

See you on the battlegrounds.

Pure Pool Review


I’ve been crying out for snooker/pool game for a while on the Xbox, so imagine my disappointment when I saw that Pure Pool was heading Sony’s way… But then like a Ronnie Sullivan 147 the announcement came that Pure Pool was going to be on the Xbox One too! Would the game sending me pocketing balls left, right and centre? Or would it have me stuck behind countless smokers? Let’s find out.

First things first, Pure Pool is smooth the music instantly transports you to what feels like the coolest Lounge Bar in the world and has you chilling out straight away. It also gets you straight into the action, allowing you shoot off some practice shots in the main menu, to be honest things are so relaxed you could spend a good few hours just playing.

Thankfully I managed to pull myself away to explore the rest of the game, the UI is nothing special and I was disappointed to see so much of the game locked down until you earn enough stars. In career mode the only mode you can take part in is the the amateur 8-ball mode, which is made up of 5 times which consists of a range of matches. My favourite match type is called Killer, each player gets three lives and take it in turn to pot, if they miss, they lose a life who loses their lives first loses. If you pot two balls at once you earn a life, same for potting the black. It gets tactical quite quickly and I found it really enjoyable. Other modes include, Accuumilator, where you need to score as many points as possible or Speed Pot, where you have to pot a certain amount of balls within a required time frame.


The AI opponents are a mixed bag, they all have different ranks and therefore some are better than others, at times when you go up against certain opponents and despite you being in an amateur tournament you find yourself being 8-balled before you even realise it! At the same time though you do see them make silly mistakes being made and its then when you need to capitalise. Thankfully losing isn’t the end as you can still earn stars depending on if you met a certain criteria such potting only in corners. There are also a ton of accolades to earn, such as snookering your opponents a number of times or winning a certain amount of matches. You always feel like you are making progress in the game which is nice.

If you decide not to play the career mode you can take on some online opponents, you are able to see a list of people currently playing and invite them to a game type of your choosing. Each player has a DNA that shows all sorts of statistics about their play, you then have the option to download that players DNA and play them offline whenever you choose, a bit like a drivatar in Forza. You can create leagues to take part in against a group of players you invite or just play one off matches if you prefer.

The main things that Pure Pool prides itself on are physics and presentation and do you know what? Both are sublime in this game. Everytime you weigh up a shot, apply your spin you know that the balls on the table will react in exactly the same way that they would in a real table. Add that to the incredible lighting on the balls, the noise they make as the White ball crashes into the black ball to win you the match. Even the tables different cloths are just begging to be touched, that’s how good they look. The whole game appears to be set I a swanky bar and you can see and hear people socialising in the background while the funky tunes play, it creates a brilliant atmosphere.


With the game out a few months after the Playstation version I was hoping that the Xbox One title would have already had the updates that have been implemented, such as UK based matches but unfortunately you’ll be out of luck with this, hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll see this implemented. As much as this is a chilled out a game I found myself getting frustrated at having to watch the AI play their shots, it would be nice to be able to skip their shots but at present that isn’t something you can do, thankfully matches don’t take too long but I’m just impatient.

You can edit your profile so that you can have a certain table skin, cue and even preferred game type. Here you can also go through the accolades that you may have earned while playing.

VooFoo have done a brilliant job with Pure Pool, it helps that their isn’t much competition for pool games currently, but frankly if anyone tries to produce a similar game they will have a huge task on their hands to better this game.

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham review


LEGO appears to be taking over the world, it’s everywhere at the moment, including my own home, most of it belongs to my 6-year old who is obsessed by it, we also have practically every LEGO game spanning across the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. With around 100 hours of LEGO Batman 2 played it was always going to be this house that got to review the latest game in the series LEGO Batman 3 – Beyond Gotham. Another Batman game set purely in Gotham would have been pretty boring, thankfully Travellers’ Tales knew this hence the Beyond Gotham title. LEGO Batman 3 is a much more linear experience, but still boasts a whole load of content that will please comic book fans as well as those who may not have experienced the vast world of characters, such as the different coloured lanterns.

There have been some really useful improvements to the game, for example characters can now swap into a different outfit whenever they want (providing they have unlocked it) which is much better than waiting around to find a station to change outfits in. Some of the new outfits are quite cool too, Robin for example has a new illumination outfit that lights up part s of the level to reveal way to progress a level. Characters such a Cyborg start with all of his outfits unlocked straight away. If your current character is in the wrong outfit when approaching a prompt the game will automatically change to the right outfit for you, it’s only a small thing but makes life a lot easier for you.

Lego Batman 3-1

You can now also start at specific checkpoints during free play, most helpful when you mopping up achievements by looking for collectables. As ever there is a huge amount to collect including 160 mini kits, 250 gold bricks, 16 red bricks and 30 Adam Wests to save. All of that clearly doesn’t include over 150 characters to unlock from the DC universe, die-hard DC fans will recognise members of the Justice League as well as some less well known characters. If gives newer fans to the series the chance to check them out so that can only be a good thing. I found the inclusion of ‘celebrity’ characters an odd decision too, even more so as it turns out that Conan O’Brian is an absolute annoyance, adding nothing to the game, I’d go as far to say it detracted from it to be honest.

The game unfortunately gets off to a slow start as Batman and Robin chase Killer Croc through the sewers of Gotham, it’s all a bit smart and frankly a bit boring, but it’s not long before things become much more interesting, the dynamic duo end up in space and the Justice League characters arrive to not only save the world, but the game too. First off there are a couple of great levels, the first being a side-scrolling space shooter before making your way around the outside of the Watchtower. Batman and Robin end up being swept aside as the member is the Justice League take over the gameplay but fear not Batman fans, there is plenty of great Batman content as well as the awesome looking Batman anniversary content available as DLC.

Lego Batman 3 - 2

You’ll visit a variety of locations as you play through the game including the Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, the Hall of Justice, and a handful of different alien worlds. It gets better though, with Brianiac’s plans to shrink various locations you’ll end up in some of the cities that have already been shrunk. These are especially fun as you are a bit like Hulk on these levels, and in turn you’ll have the ability to smash your way around with relative ease. There is a good balance between the smaller open world areas and the more linear ones, I felt slightly less overwhelmed finding things thanks to the smaller levels.

As ever the puzzles are fairly simplistic, you always have the right equipment around you to solve the puzzle, as normal I spent more time looking for the one thing that needed smashing to complete a build, for the most part you’ll have no problems though. You’ll be able to complete the story missions in about 10 hours and you’ll have great fun doing it. Other gameplay improvements in lid the ability for certain characters to be master builders, straight from the LEGO movie videogame. Graphically the game is no better or worse than any of the other LEGO games I’ve played on the Xbox One. The camera was hugely frustrating at times though. During one of the early levels, while preparing to head into space as Batman the camera would fix into a position where I couldn’t see either of the characters and had to use guesswork to get them into a place where I could see them again. It was annoying at first but then it kept happening, for an adult it’s a pain but I could see it ruining the experience for a child, here’s hoping it can be patched out.

LEGO Batman 3 is a fun game but it’s my least favourite LEGO game for a while, it’s packed full of content and fans of DC Comics will no doubt be pleased with the efforts, despite it being called LEGO Batman 3 it’s definitely more LEGO Justice League as they literally save the game from being a pretty average LEGO title.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition video shows off classes and specializations

If you haven’t already started your 6 hour trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition then the following video will be most useful to you.

Bioware having released a video give fans more details about the classes and their specialisations. It’s definitely worth checking out as it does a good job of explaining everything to you.

The third game in the series is only 6 days away from releasing in Europe and by the look of the reviews that are out its looks like we’ll have another great game to sink our teeth into.

Early Access to Dragon Age: Inquisition on EA Access

Subscribers to EA Access will be pleased to hear that they will be able to grab hold of Dragon Age: Inquisition five days before anyone else.

EA revealed the details in a blog post that anyone with an EA Access subscription will be able to play the game November 13, five days before the November 18 launch. It hasn’t been confirmed whether this is worldwide.

You’ll get a six hour trial that will give you access to both the single player and the co-op multiplayer portions. All progress will carry over to the full game if you buy it. You’ll also bag 10% off if you buy the games digital version.