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For Honor free to play ahead of Order & Havoc

For Honor is getting the free to play treatment and hosting a free weekend beginning on 4pm GMT November 9th through till 6:59am November 13th for all you lucky Xbox Live Gold Members. It’s to celebrate season four, Order & Havoc which launches on November 14th. Order & Havoc brings Two new dangerous heroes to shake up the stakes on the battlefield. The nimble Aramusha joins the Samurai fa...

Halo 5 goes in to Overtime

Halo 5 is getting new content in the form of Overtime. The overtime update, adds new exciting additions to the already fantastic Halo 5 experience. 4K visual enhancements, which are designed to take full advantage of the new Xbox One X, to the return of a fan favourite of the series that’s been missing, Oddball’s back and better than before The new overtime content release, ushers in new weapon sk...

Minecraft gets Stranger Things content!

Yep, you heard it right, for those that want to combine their Minecraft world with Stranger Things content, now you can in the form of Skin’s. It’s time to break out the fairy lights! No, no not for Christmas, don’t be ridiculous. We just need a way to communicate with all those people who have suddenly and mysteriously gone missing. Prepare for some spooky retro adventures as you go investigating...

The Legends are returning to Clockwork City

Get ready, on November 30th the next story Expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends drops. This will be the first chance for players to return to a fan-favourite locale, first experienced in The Elder Scrolls III’s expansion, Tribunal. With over 55 new collectible cards, rewarded across 35 exciting story missions, this is a must for Elder Scrolls fans. With these cards, players will be able to sea...



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NHL 18 review

It’s time to slip on those ice skating boots, because you’re in for a ride on EA’s latest update of the NHL, and what an update it is. Let me start with telling you this is the best Ice Hockey Game I’ve ever played. I’ve played previous versions of the game going right back to the early Sega Mega Drive days, and trust me this game is on point. Over the years, EA’s sports titles have really come on...



SHINY review

Indie games, we need to give them a shot. Indie game developers can hold the keys to the next big thing. I’m a gamer that will give anything a go, and I truly believe that indie games can compete for a slot in any game collection. There are plenty of gems out there that will shine bright, even against  triple A titles, or would at least complement them in your collection. But is SHINY one of them?...



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theHunter: Call of the Wild review

When I was first handed this game, I was a bit apprehensive. Hunting is a bit of a controversial subject, what with it being currently prohibited from practice in the UK. So, if I’m truly being honest, I was a little nervous when I was assigned this title to review, but I’ve always been up for a challenge. To be fair I’ve always liked the hunting elements in games such as Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed...

New DLC rushing in Fast & Furious this week

As of next week, 11th October to be exact, Rocket League adds two new Premium Battle-cars to its impressive line up. Independent developer & publisher Psyonix, has joined forces with Dodge and Nissan to reveal new Fast & Furious DLC for Rocket League. The New DLC will be available in North America and Europe on all platforms. The new Fast & Furious DLC brings two premium cars in the sh...



Time Recoil review

When I first laid eyes on the opening title screen of Time Recoil, I knew this game was going to scratch an itch. The opening menu screams 80s, the graphic style and the iconic electro music set off the excitement in me. You see I’m a child of the 80s, and by that, I mean I was brought up watching fantastic films that stayed with you for life. Catchy electro dance, the golden age of the arcades an...



SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell review

Imagine someone taking something from you, and you need it back. What lengths would you go to? A pretty common question, now factor in that it’s Satan himself, and that the item in question is your beer. Would you go through hell to bring that sweet amber nectar home? of course you would! Speedrunners from Hell, answers that question. You play as a guy called Marty who follows Satan back to hell t...