Gary Stone

Gary has been a Playstation gamer from the beginning, some say if you cut him in half the PS4 logo is growing brightly within – and it's also said he will play anything in the name of gaming…



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ECHO review (PS4)

We all have different styles of playing when we game – whether you are naturally an aggressive player compared to a tactician, a defensive thinker compared to a brawler; we can always play to our strengths. What would happen then if the game you were playing learnt from your actions and used them against you? Welcome Echo. . . Echo starts by introducing us to En; a young female wearing a blood-soa...



Expand review (PS4)

Within two minutes of starting to play Expand I seem to have entered into a Zen type state of mind where all sense of time and reality escaped me. Time stood still, I became aware of nothing else around me; it was bliss. . . Expand is the first project from London-based indie publisher, UKIYO Publishing and bringing it lovingly onto the Playstation 4 has been a masterstroke. Originally released on...