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The article, review or news piece was written for by a guest author - a user who does not commit to posting regularly or has provided a one-off special item for this website. The named author and/or bio will be present within the post...

Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Castilian Spanish Support Missing

Greetings from Spain! I’m a fellow Halo fan and a die hard fan of the multiplayer matches. You may not know me, but we’ve sure met in battle. I’m writing this calling every gamer, every Halo fan out there, hoping that you can understand what we’re living here with the upcoming release of Halo: The […]

D4 on Xbox One Preview

D4’s title (Dark Dreams Don’t Die) is enough to confuse most people. A labour of love from cult game developer SWERY and Access Games that Microsoft has decided to include as part of its Xbox One post launch release schedule. In typical SWERY story telling, D4 makes absolutely no sense from the start. It tells […]

Dead Rising 3 Preview

The time is getting closer with only weeks until the launch of the eagerly awaited Xbox One hardware. For many Dead Rising 3 is the one exclusive that has made them pre-order an Xbox One. But just how well is Capcom’s Xbox One exclusive holding up after getting some hands-on with it? It’s necessary to […]

Call of Duty Launch Night – IndigO2 at O2 Dome London

Do you believe in ghosts? Everyone that attended the launch party for the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Ghost from Infinity Ward and Activision must have. This year’s prestigious event took place at the IndigO2 at O2 dome last night (Nov 4th 2013.) It was spacious enough to accommodate both eager fans and press who were […]

FIFA 14 Review

As reviewed by Robin White This year’s incarnation of FIFA 14 made me feel awful. Just last week I was playing the recent Pro Evo release and thinking to myself ‘hot damn (I talk like a child from the fifties) Pro Evo might finally have caught up this year’, visualizing the oft benighted lesser sibling […]

MotoGP 13 Review

It’s not often I’m overcome with the immediate desire to mute a game, but Milestone’s MotoGP 13 is possessed of such an impressive array of irritating sounds that I had little choice. The audio assault began in the game’s menu, where you’ll be treated to some samples from generic racing game soundtrack 101, which segues […]

Will Bungie’s Destiny Bring The MMO Genre To The Next Xbox?

It really is an exciting time to be a console gamer. Not only has the Xbox seen a recent run of incredible games, the platform recently proved that gaming experiences that are slightly outside most people’s regular comfort zones such as the turn-based squad tactics in X-COM can actually succeed. Now, Bungie has revealed its […]

NBA 2K 13 Review

Having not played a basketball game for a few years, back when this game genre was merely finding its feet on the current generation of consoles I was rather apprehensive as they used to bore me to tears. However I do have faith in the experienced 2K Games who publish NBA 2K13, surely over the […]