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I love games, like really love them. On numerous occasions I have lied to family and friends to play games instead of being with them. I'd do it again. I regret nothing.

Interview: Andrew Bennison from Prospect games

I got a chance to speak with Andrew Bennison from Prospect games, the lead designer behind unbox, about his experience as an indie developer he was a very interesting person to speak to with some insights into working in the world of indie games and what to expect from Unbox a newbies adventure Hi Andrew, thanks for talking with This is Xbox so, Unbox. You have been working on it for some time and...



Unbox: A newbies adventure review

Unbox Newbies adventure puts you at the control of the new ‘sentient’ box made by GPS (global postal service). The GPS have created a new, smarter box to help save the business and make sure their packages get delivered on time and to the right place. It’s an open world physics based game that’s bright and colourful and most importantly, it’s fun to play. You begin with a short tutorial level that...

Rivals of Aether preview

Another day, another game. My gaming journey through 2016 continues and I have another title in front of me to trial. Rivals of Aether is an ID@xbox game available through the Xbox Preview Program. Dan Fornace is the mind behind this classic styled beat-em up. First impressions are good as it’s loaded up, which took about a second as the whole game is only about 180mb. I’m a sucker for...



Mystery Castle review

The puzzle genre of games can feel somewhat familiar. This style and type of game has been around for some time and the huge boom in mobile gaming through tablets and phones has also lead to more developers venturing into the world of puzzles. There are plenty of options out there for people who like a brain teaser. One of the current options on the Xbox One is Mystery Castle. Mystery Castle was c...



Neon Chrome review

Here I am now almost half way through 2016 and my quest to play as many games as possible continues. I have a new furry cover for my gaming chair, because I’m a classy guy, and I’m settled in for a session with Neon Chrome, the new title from 10tons studio (who made Crimsonland).  Neon Chrome is a cyberpunk top down shooter. The two comparisons that instantly spring to mind are Spartan Assault and...

E3 2016 – Ubisoft shows us the wild side

E3 continues and the conference’s keep on coming, this time it was Ubisoft and one of the titles they made time to talk about was the new Ghost Recon game Wildlands. Frankly, it looks spectacular. A huge open world map with strategic freedom to approach a mission as you wish. You can play solo or co-op with four players as you make your way through the landscape taking down a cartel’s ...

E3 2016 – Gears of War 4 Elite controller

As well as bringing us more news and gameplay of the new Gears of War 4, Microsoft showed a short at the E3 conference of a gears of war special edition Elite controller. The controller has a Gears themed paintjob complete with icons on the d-pad, just in case you forget where the chainsaw is in those clutch moments. It looks great and if the current Elite controller is anything to go by it will b...

E3 2016 – Bethesda conference round up

Bethesda are back at E3 for the second time and they have landed with a bang (albeit after a slight delay on the start time). A whole host of really exciting news has come out of the conference, here’s a quick round-up for you of the highlights. Elder Scrolls Skyrim re-mastered for current gen consoles, yes the rumours where true. Skyrim is coming back in a fully remastered version. Two additions ...

Snapshot – 5 minutes with Charles Barker

I wonder how many of the people involved in other gaming films actually session them? I don’t mean “oh yeah, I’ve played Call of Duty, its my favourite.” big grin, smile to camera. I’m talking about “Ha ha. Yes I’ve played Call of Duty… till my eyes bled at 4 am“. dead pan stare into the abyss. Well, maybe that’s a bit too far but I’...



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DOOM review

Please be good, please be good, please be good…. Oh my god I want this to be so good. I’m excited, palms are a bit sweaty, head dizzy with anticipation. DOOM is finally here and it’s like Christmas for me, no wait…. Double Christmas. It’s fair to say I am really amped for DOOM. It’s such an iconic, legendary series An icon. However, it’s also important to ...



The Call Up film review

I got the pleasure of Heading along to a pre-screening of The Call Up a new film out on the 20th of May that blends cinema and games together. Now wait, I know what you’re all thinking “ah, jeez. Gamer films are normally rubbish, so few hit the mark” and I am inclined to agree. Coming from a gamer’s perspective on the film, I went in with very low expectations. Films and ga...



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Blast ‘Em Bunnies review

Face wave after wave of unstoppable bunnies, yes bunnies, in this turret defence game from NNOOO. It’s a bright, colourful and cute little game in which you must protect your burrow from the invaders with deadly force. In an arena setting (the first arena is a farm in a canyon) you take control of a turret and face off against the waves of incoming enemies. They take eight different forms, such as...