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Joe Farnell

I have a Tardis, bioshock and Majoras mask tattoos. For my sins I work in a local GAME store and peddle my gaming opinions on unsuspecting customers.

Costume Quest 2 review

The story of Costume Quest 2 is about Wren and Reynold trying to save the future of Halloween after the crazed tooth obsessed dentist Dr. Orel White has altered the future into a twisted perfect tooth dystopia with the help of the powerful time wizards! Now, don’t get me wrong the story was great; I […]

Chariot review

I will start this review off by saying that I don’t usually play this kind of game, it’s simply not my thing but after playing Chariot I’d more than happily go back and play more – here is why. Long, long ago before the age of online gaming, gamers would invite all their friends round, share out the third party controllers […]