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Cruising For A Bruising with Brawlout

Promising ridiculously fast battles, unique fighting styles and up to 8 player matches, Brawlout is the new platform fighter from Angry Mob Games. Their vision is to blend the precision of violent fighters, with a gorgeous animated style

Slated for an early 2017 release Brawlout offers the usual line up of single player campaign, online ranked tournaments, as well as the aforementioned online and local battles with 2-8 players.

The roster of fighter will be distinct from each other by utilising powerful projectiles or long-range whip attacks, as well as combo options and advanced technical moves. There’s also a Rage Meter, which fuels powerful special attacks.

The trailer shows Angry Mob is attempting to merge vibrant platforming with varied combat styles to give Brawlout an identity of its own. There will be and array of special moves on offer with an emphasis on ground combos.

The games synopsis describes a vivid world of ancient secrets and endless conflict, Brawlout puts the future of civilization in the hands (or claws) of its anthropomorphic animals. As an Exemplar chosen to represent their civilization in combat, each creature fights for the honor and pride of their people.

“We’re all fighting game fans, so we’ve built our dream platform fighter”, says Bogdan Iliesiu, CEO at Angry Mob Games. “We’ve heard what players miss from classic fighters and what they love about new ones, and Brawlout is designed to give people the best of both worlds, whether that’s ruining friendships around the TV or going online to anger strangers in tournaments.”

For more information on Brawlout visit and follow @angrymobgames on Twitter.

Goldberg doubles up in WWE 2K17

2K have announced the comeback of Bill Goldberg to the WWE, virtually at least.

Gamers pre-ordering WWE 2K17 have access to 2 incarnations of Goldberg, one form his WCW days and another from WWE. He’s join by current superstars John Cena and Sasha Banks, as well as Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior, who were also confirmed today.

Goldberg left the WWE in 2004 and hasn’t appeared in a WWE game since WWE 2K14, while it is the 4th year in a row that Warrior has joined the roster.

2K unveiled a massive canvas painted live at E3 by legendary WWE portrait artist Rob Schamberger featuring Cena, Banks and Warrior. Visitors to E3 could check the 2K stand and social media sites to see if their favourites had been add to the substantial roster of current superstars and legends.

Those pre-ordering the game will also be able to wrestle in 2 exclusive arenas, WCW’s Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc. WWE 2K17, developed collaboratively by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, a 2K studio, is slated for release in October 2016 for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.