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Gravel season pass and DLC announced

Milestone is probably one of the most experienced developers when it comes to racing games.  Today Milestone have released details about the season pass and DLC updates about their off-road racing title Gravel.

Season Pass

For those ready to go beyond their limits, Gravel Season Pass will include 5 DLCs, which will give access to additional 12 new vehicles, 10 check point tracks, 4 new Wild Rush circuits and 2 new Off-Road Career Events with the aim of satisfying even the most demanding off-road racing fans.

Gravel Season Pass and Gravel Special Edition, including the Full Game and Season Pass, will be available to pre-order from 27 February 2018 on PS4, Xbox One.

In addition to the DLCs included in the season pass, new content will be available completely free, letting players broaden their car portfolio with new exclusive vehicles. The first two freemium DLCs are Gravel Free car Bowler Bulldog and Gravel Free car Acciona.

For all four-wheel enthusiasts, this DLC gives access to the first exclusive free vehicle, available for download from 7 March.
Straight from Great Britain, here’s one of Bowler latest creations, the Bulldog, a concentration of power which makes the off-road experience even more thrilling and engaging.

Details on all other DLCs will be disclosed later on.

Gravel will launch on 27 February on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/STEAM.

Rob’s Bangers

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Rob’s Bangers post. I could post all my excuses here like the dog ate my homework etc but I won’t bother you with all that. Anyway, Here is this week’s choices from the TiX Spotify playlist.

The first choice is again a hark back to the 1990’s with Fluke. Atom Bom was yet another track featured on the legendary Wipeout 2097 soundtrack. When I look back at games like that and the soundtracks it brings on a sense of nostalgia, probably because I spent most of that era on another planet anyway. Can you think of a soundtrack to a game since that sparks such a sense of nostalgia and wanting to go back and relive that time again?… I’m struggling too. That unmistakable bass at the start of tune begs to be played as loud as possible when the narrative kicks in then fade to bring up a swell of beats and a drop that would make any self-respecting music fan nod their head, Atom Bomb has all the right ingredients to make any racing game an adrenaline-fuelled ride.

The second tune is a slight change of pace, anyone remember Dio? if not you had better google him and teach yourself some rock knowledge. Rock god Dio originally wrote this tune in 1983, that was like, in ancient times to some of you. GIven a new lease of life in 2006 by Killswitch Engage, Holy Diver featured on a Kerrang compilation album celebrating the history of Rock. Controversially I like the Killswitch Engage version just a little bit more so that makes the list. The reason I chose this tune was that it gives me a sense of epicness and goes perfectly with games such as the Witcher or even the new Monster Hunter, these games offer epic battles and adventure, creating the perfect scene for an awesome tune.

I promise it won’t be so long until the next Rob’s Bangers but until then keep gaming. If you have any suggestions on tunes then you can suggest them on any of our social media platforms or int he comments sections below.

New Monster Hunter : World trailer has exciting news

Ahead of Monster Hunter: World’s release on January 26th Capcom have announced during their live stream, new details that fans of the game can expect.  The action-packed trailer gives us a glimpse of the Elder Dragons, some new and some old favourites who return.

Also if you are a PS4 player the open beta for Monster Hunter : World will be available to play from January the 19th through to January the 22nd.  What happens after the launch? I hear you cry well Capcom has also outlined their plans to keep up with major updates, the first of which will be arriving Spring 2018.

Monster Hunter: World launches on January 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a PC release coming later in Autumn 2018.

Rob Bangers

This episode of Rob’s Bangers is a little late this week due to some work issues, I won’t bother you with all that but let’s get stuck in with this week’s suggestions. I have a varied music taste and I am a firm believer that everyone should try anything twice, that goes for anything in life in general really. My taste goes full circle and I will always come back to the same genre at some point and that normally some of the hardest metal out there, as you’ll see from my selection.

This week’s Rob’s Bangers has been inspired by Decembers games with gold, Warhammers: End Times-Vermintide makes an appearance and if you liked the Left4Dead series then you’ll love this, purely because it’s essentially the same game but set in different times. Hull-based band Black Tongue released a song by the same name and it comes from their album The Unconquerable Dark, which by the way is a must in anyone’s library. The members of Black Tongue have tried their hand at various guises but this album is definitely something I would recommend to you. For the second track this week is also a hard brutal tune inspired by the second game GWG title which is Tell-Tales Back to the Future game, because of that I have chosen satan worshippers anthem Turn Back Time by Aqua, what? don’t judge me.

Time for this weeks Rob’s Bangers

This week has seen a wide range of emotions for us all. We have waited in anticipation for the release of the Xbox One X, some were happy and some inevitably aren’t. Most go theirs on release day but some of us didn’t due to delivery companies and to be honest if I hadn’t had bought mine from Amazon it still wouldn’t have arrived. Anyway, thats another story, so this week on Rob’s Bangers we’re going for something a little different.

Remember Dubstep? You know, that genre that was born in Croydon and had some really talented people creating atmospheric dubplates with dark bass and moody melodies? You know, that 140bpm music that had you nodding your head a bit? You know, that music that got into the hands of Skrillex and made everybody ruin a genre just by releasing absolute cack! Sorry for the rant but anyway, The first tune is brought to us by Funtcase, this was before Skrillex and post-Croydon so somewhere in between. Funtcase is part of Circus records and they have released some brilliant stuff over the years and the label hosts people like Doctor P, Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavillion. Funtcase’s track “So Vexed” describes a lot of peoples mood this week so enjoy.

The second tune is in Spite, possibly the most aggressive metal out there. An absolute brilliant band that will have you trashing the place in no time. Their track “IED” just about sums our very own Dave Morans mood when Amazin messed up his X order, so this tune is dedicated to him.

Until next week, bye!

Rob’s Bangers

Last week on Rob’s Bangers we looked at two tracks that were inspired by games that were really set in space. This week we are crashing back down to earth a little bit, the past week and the upcoming week see’s landing of the Xbox One X, Assasins Creed, Wolfenstien 2 and Call of duty WWII all landing causing a bit of hysteria umongst us all.

There is no better track to choose that pretty much sums how we are all feeling at the moment than Muse – Hysteria. This song brings a nice touch of melody along with riffs that beg to be played with your finest air guitar. The lyrics “I want it now, I want it now” fit perfectly as we all embark on the journey into a new gen of console.

The second track however brings us back to reality a little bit, with every sense of excitement and drama we need to take a step back and evaluate a little. Orbital – Belfast will do just that, set it off and just sit back breath in for 4 seconds and out for 5, and relax.

After a suggestion from yourselves this week I have added Breaking Benjamin and their Halo 2 anthem, Blow me Away. Perfect suggestion so keep them coming. For now though enjoy this weeks selection.

Introducing… Rob’s Bangers!!

Here at TiX we are all music fans, some of us have questionable taste in music (I’m looking at Dave there!) but most all of us enjoy the pleasure of a good banger every now and then. Now that Spotify is up and running on your console whether it be Xbox or PS4, you can enjoy the thousands and thousands of tracks available to us all.

I have started things off with some gaming related (but not exclusive) tunes that are perfect to game to. I’ll put a post up each week explaining my choice and why. You can reply here or go over to our Instagram page and get involved with the #musictogameto topic, I welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have. If you do suggest a tune there needs to be a reason for it and I won’t accept “Just because dis ting is sick ya get me” it would be better if there was a gaming-related story behind your choice, if it’s good enough I’ll add it to the list.

The first track on the playlist comes from The Future Sound of London, the double act have been around for years now and have graced us with some absolute awesome tunes over that time. The more notable one is called “We Have Explosive” released in 1997 it was the title track for none other than Wipeout 2097 on the very first Playstation. Many attempts have been made since to recreate such an iconic soundtrack but none have come close.

The second track is Out of Space by the Prodigy, apart from this tune being a staple rave track from back in the day, I chose this because of the amount of time you spend on loading screen on  the first Destiny. Thankfully you don’t spend that long there now but still the track deserves a play everytime!

The playlist is below so, click it, follow it, then load it on your console of choice and play away. See you next week!!

Outcast – Second Contact gets its debut trailer

Outcast – Second Contact is a complete remake of a classic and has been given the 3D open world treatment, bringing the game bang up to date to be played on modern machines. The video gives a quick overview into the wild landscapes of the planet Adelpha, a bewitching world as beautiful as it is dangerous, and the cradle of an advanced alien civilization. You take the role of Cuttter Slade, ex-Navy SEAL, in an open, lush and living world where all choices have consequences on the balance of the world.

The story:
In the near future, humanity has discovered it is not alone in the universe, or rather universes. Alas, the first contact with intelligent beings turns disastrous when a probe sent by the US government is destroyed by the natives of a world called Adelpha. The incident creates an energy cataclysm which threatens to destroy the Earth. You are Cutter Slade, a former elite soldier sent on a mission to Adelpha to prevent this catastrophe.

Outcast – Second Contact will be available this Autumn on Xbox One and PC.

Thimbleweed Park is out today

Way back in November 2014 a Kickstarter campaign was launched to get Thimbleweed Park off the starting blocks and into development,  achieving its target was no problem and has finally been released to the masses. Thimbleweed Park is a Mystery game that has a distinct similarity to the X Files, but I’ll let you be the judge of that, check the trailer out below.


Welcome to Thimbleweed Park. Population: 80 nutcases.

A haunted hotel, an abandoned circus, a burnt-out pillow factory, a dead body pixelating under the bridge, toilets that run on vacuum tubes… you’ve never visited a place like this before.

Five people with nothing in common have been drawn to this rundown, forgotten town. They don’t know it yet, but they are all deeply connected. And they’re being watched.

In a town like Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems.


• From Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.
• A neo-noir mystery set in 1987.
• 5 playable characters who can work together… or get on each other’s nerves.
• Not a walking simulator!
• Satisfying puzzles intertwined with a twisty-turny story that will stay with you.
• A vast, bizarre world to explore at your own pace.
• A joke every 2 minutes… guaranteed!*
• Casual and Hard modes with varied difficulty.
• English voices with English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish subtitles.

*Not a guarantee.

Thimbleweed Park is on the Xbox Store now, should you wish you could always download the soundtrack HERE for a small fee.


New Syberia 3 trailer released

Syberia 3 is set for an imminent release,  Microids, the publishers behind the game have today released a new trailer explaining a little deeper the story behind Syberia and it’s protagonist Kate Walker. With the artwork coming from legendary comic book illustrator Benoit Sokal the game is certainly going to look spectacular. Watch the trailer below for more details.

About Syberia 3:
Impersonating Kate Walker, players will benefit from a brand new way to freely explore striking landscapes and circumvent their mysteries and puzzles in ways they have not experienced before.

The story begins when Kate is found left for dead on a shore by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people caring for their snow ostriches during migration. Trapped, prisoners in the city of Valsembor, they will have to find together a way to continue their journey in a chase against their enemies and unexpected challenges. While at the same time, Kate’s past is catching up with her…

Syberia 3 is developed by Koalabs Studio and will be available April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America on Xbox One and PC. It will be fully doubled in French, English, German, Polish, Russian and subtitled in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Czech, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional. The original soundtrack of the game is handled by Inon Zur (Fallout 4, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia), already in command on Syberia 2. The game is rated PEGI 12.