Avatar Tattoos Now Available

Less guns and more ink… that must be the Xbox LIVE Team’s New Years resolution following the removal of firearms from the Avatar Marketplace and the introduction of tattoos today.

Full sleeves, I love Mom, flowers, flames and patterns are all at your disposal and priced from 160 to 240 MS Points depending upon the design. The newly available arm-artwork comes attached to it’s own sleeveless tee shirt so you are not able to mix and match the designs with other Avatar clothing. It’s an obvious assumption that the reason behind this was to make your Avatar tattoo’s noticed – you wouldn’t want to buy a tattoo and have it hidden behind a hoodie, so the plain white/black tee shirts show off the designs nicely.

There are 16 different designs for male avatars and oddly only a mere 7 for female avatars, but if you want to check out the selection for yourself, you can do so via the direct link below:


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