Axiom Verge coming to Xbox One


As an Xbox One owner, I’ve often glanced over to the ‘other side’ with envious eyes at some of the Indie titles that have been released. I took particular notice of Tom Happ’s space shooter, Axiom Verge.

This retro-inspired game has racked up a whole cabinet full of awards and plaudits since it was released in 2015. Featuring over 40 weapons and tools with 100 upgrades, Axiom Verge might just possibly be the closest to Turrican that you’re going to get on the Xbox One. And happily it is coming to Xbox.

Heavily influenced by games like Metroid and other classics, Axiom Verge will give you power over glitches, like those found in classic games, and allow you to scramble enemies and corrupt environments. Enter hidden areas as you attempt to uncover your role within a hostile alien world.

Blast your way through almost 1000 rooms. Face off against over 80 creatures. Axiom Verge was created entirely by Tom Happ and as a single man project, looks utterly remarkable.

If you’re a retro-gamer and you’re still not convinced, spare a minute of your time and give the PS4 release trailer a watch, below. If the Xbox One version is half as good, there’s going to be a fight at TiX Towers to review this one.

Axiom Verge will be coming to Xbox One later this year and you can find out more about it here.

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