Badass Hero announced for Xbox One

Badass Hero

If you’ve created a game with a totally badass hero in it, what would you call it? Badass Hero, obviously.

Awesome Games Studio have announced this very game and it looks quite naughty in the bottom department. Marketed as a roguelite platform shooter, Badass Hero will feature fast paced hit and run gameplay.

Shoot and jump your way through many levels to save the planet. The game is set in a comic book world, where you collect ink from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero.

Each level is procedurally generated so every playthrough should give you different challenges and the title is presented in high resolution 2D art.

Avoid projectiles, traps, enemies and obstacles on your quest while mastering various weapons to become the ultimate badass. Master each enemy and become one with your weapon. It’s the only way you’re going to succeed.

Playing dynamically and aggressively look to be the tips to follow from the announcement trailer below, in this new, more energetic Metal Slug-a-like. Customise your hero and become the biggest badass on the Xbox.

More information will appear soon on the game’s website.

Here’s that all important trailer.

Badass Hero will be hanging around shopping centres and flicking cigarette ash around your console in 2017.

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